Genshin Impact: Winblumes Breath Event – Mailed Flower Guide & Obtaining Guide

Genshin Impact has a number of seasonal occasions that take place yearly. One of these takes place to be the Windblown Festival, a party of springtime. This time around, you’ll be able to get a cool claymore. Right here’s our Gen shin Effect Windblown’s Breath occasion guide to assist you acquire the Mailed Blossom weapon.

Gen shin Impact-Windblume’s Breath event tasks

To begin the Windblown’s Breath event in Gen shin Effect, you’ll have to complete the Track of Dragon and also Flexibility Arc hon Pursuit. It’s up to you if you want to do the Akasha Pulses, the Kappa Flame Climbs Arc hon Mission and Albedo’s Story Quest. These are optional, and you can hit the Quick Start switch to avoid them.

All the same, the occasion begins with An Event of Outlander, where you’ll meet a number of characters. After an extensive backward and forward, you’ll have the ability to take part in three tasks given by NPCs simply beyond Ronstadt:

  • Floral Pursuit-Collect stationary balloons in areas and also prevent the moving balloons. They’ll trigger you to lose one life, as well as you’ll reactivate from the start of the location.
  • Ballads of Breeze-This is a rhythm mini-game where you have to press the keys in time with the notes that appear. You can modify the choices to change the user interface to something better.
  • Breezy Snapshots-Use the brand-new Windblown Camera gadget to take an image in an established location. You’ll additionally need to fulfill particular demands (i.e., a specific character activity or the time of day).


The Mailed Flower claymore and also various other rewards

To obtain the Gen shin Effect Mailed Blossom claymore, all you need to do is finish the very first degree of the Floral Quest mini-game. You don’t also need to obtain the high score. The tool itself has the following benefits:

  • Essential proficiency sub-stat.
  • +12% ATK and also 48 elemental mastery for eight secs after an elemental skill hits a challenger or the personality activates an essential response.
  • Makes Use Of Unfading Silky Poise as a refinement product.

When it comes to rewards, there are two tabs:

  • Floral Voucher Exchange-Has 1x Unfading Silky Poise, 3x Ersatz Balloons, and several weapon rising materials. The money for this web page comes from the Floral Search activity.
  • Cheery Ticket Exchange-Has 1x Crown of Understanding, 3x Unfading Silky Poise, as well as multiple ability booklets. The money for this page originates from the Ballads of Breeze as well as Breezy Snapshots tasks.

Gen shin Effect has several seasonal events that occur each year. One of these occurs to be the Windblown Festival, a celebration of springtime. Here’s our Gen shin Effect Windblown’s Breath event overview to help you obtain the Mailed Blossom weapon.

To begin the Windblown’s Breath event in Gen shin Influence, you’ll have to complete the Song of Dragon and Liberty Arc hon Mission. To get the Genshin Impact Mailed Flower claymore, all you need to do is finish the first degree of the Floral Pursuit mini-game.

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