Room 403, Case 21 USB, Hotel Rooms Arrangement – Intel Exchange Mission for Crown Faction in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ

Info exchange is a degree 2 for Crown Faction in Telephone Call of Task: War zone 2 DMZ
For this goal, you need to permeate the island of Asia, open the locked space as well as essence a secret file from there.

Just how to complete the Intel Exchange goal in DMZ.

  • Locate as well as eliminate details concerning the delivery Al March located in the 403 Ashoka Island hotel.
  • Take the Structure 21 USB flash drive in waterways.
  • Location the Structure 21 USB drive in the hotel room.
    Before starting this objective, we recommend that you first complete the second job of extracting the Building 21 USB drive. Therefore, you will certainly not have to go back and forth to the hotel room.

Furthermore, you will certainly need a lost secret to the 403 area for this objective, because the hotel area is a secured area.
This trick can be obtained by eliminating HVT on the map, as well as a random product of production.

where to discover a flash drive of Structure 21 in a demilitarized zone

In the southerly edge of the river.
Sanctuary in the ZUNI castle (a green pen on the map over), you will discover the entrance to the cavern.


Hold as well as enter this cavern on to the left side till you find a rope leading underground.
Decrease the rope, and also you will certainly reach the pier of the Waterways submarines right under the island of Asia.
Go directly from the docking platform, and you can easily discover the Waterways cache.
Communicate with the waste container and take the case 21 of the USB is put inside it.
The areas of rivers as well as the ZUNI castle are thoroughly protected, so act thoroughly and attempt to stay unnoticed, considering that you do not intend to lose the key to the lost room 403.

Where to Locate Number 403 Ashoka Island Hotel

Now return the same means from where you came, or float to the leave from the water channel beside the town hall and the beach club, which will lead you directly to the destination.
Space 403-a secured room on the top floor coming from Asia Wayland Hotel, which lies beside the town hall structure.
To reach the locked hotel space, you can make use of the pipeline inside the staircase or the building exterior.
Open the steel door with the key from the lost space 403, which you brought in the suit.
In the corner of the area you will discover a table with a metal profile and other manufacturing items.
Location the Building 21 USB drive on the table and also take the Asmara Intel Shipping.
Essence the record to finish the Intel Exchange DMZ goal.
Remain with us in the expert guide guides to learn more about Phone call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2 and also War zone 2. In the meanwhile, obtain accustomed to our post Goal Overview Train Tracks DMZ: A dead end in Alabama citadel and also the location of a freight train.

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