How to Cultivate Chaos Devices in Genshin Impact: A Guide to Finding the Necessary Ingredients

There are a lot of useful ingredients that you require to find in GENSHIN IMPACT.

To get a lot, you must browse the ground to find where they could hide, or look for a particular enemy to deposit these objects to contribute to your inventory.
For those searching for mayhem devices, there specify places that you can visit to find the opponent that releases.
To discover chaos gadgets, you desire to fight the ruin Guards and Ruin Hunters.
There is a custody of ruins in the center of the thousand winds temple.
You can satisfy him whenever you feel able to eliminate it and fight it.
The most powerful version of these enemies is the destroyed hunter, and they likewise have a various look.
Rather than standing, ruined hunters are thin and more mobile variations of the opponent.


These 2 enemies seem to be the only ones to carry mayhem gadgets.
You keep them far from the guard of the ruins of the temple of the thousand winds, but you specifically desire to check out nature in the Bright crown mountains, the plains of Bishop and other locations of higher level to cultivate the ruined hunter.

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