Genshin Impact: All Ascension and Talent Materials for Dehya – 5-Star Pyro Character

After being presented as NPC, Delay finally addresses Genshin Impact as a playable character.
He will be a 5-star Pro character and most likely he lashes during the first phase of the Genshin Impact version 3.5.


If you can grab Delay from his banner in the next update, you must improve his skills to get the best of him.
That said, we have detailed lists of ascension and talent materials of Deny.

GENSHIN IMPACT Ascension Materials Delay

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In Gen shin Impacts Ascension materials are elements that are used to increase the level and strength of the characters and weapons.
They are used to ascend a character or weapon to their next level, which can increase their statistics, unlock new skills and skills and make it more powerful in general.

Dehya update

Elementary Explosion (T10)
FLAME FUG DAMAGE-203%→ 177.7% ATK + 3% MAX HP
INCISOR DRIVE DMG-286%→ 250.7% ATK + 4.3% MAX HP
Elementary ability (T10)
Field damage: 123 %→ 108.4 % ATK+1.9 % HP Maximum #原神 #Genshin
-Gen shin Mains_TU East Guide (@Genshinmains_) February 6, 2023,
Travelers will need the following materials to ascend to the 4-star Gyro character, Delay:
Ascension materials Phase 1 |
20,000 blackberries
3x chrysalid of sand
3x faded red satin
Ascension materials of phase 2 |
40,000 blackberries
3 fragments of animus agate
10x chrysalid of sand
15x faded red satin
2x Tetrahedron Light Guide
Ascension materials of phase 3 |
60,000 blackberries
6x fragment of animus
20x chrysalid of sand fat
12X Red Silk Cutter
4x Tetrahedron Light Guide
Ascension materials of phase 4 |
80,000 blackberries
3x piece of animus agate
30 pups of sand fat
18X Red Silk Cutter
8x Tetrahedron Light Guide
Ascension materials of stage 5 |
100,000 blackberries
6x piece of animus agate
45x chrysalid of sand fat
12X Intense Red Broken
12x Tetrahedron Light Guide
Ascension materials of phase 6 |
120,000 blackberries
6 precious animus agate
60x chrysalid of sand fat
24X intense red broken
20x Tetrahedron Light Guide

Genshin Impact Talent Materials Delay

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Delay has three unique talents that can be improved with a certain set of materials.
The following table illustrates the necessary materials for each level of improvement, including the total cost of updating a single talent and the three talents:
Level 2 materials |
12,500 blackberries
3x teachings of praxis
3x faded red satin
Level 3 materials |
17,500 Moral
2x praxis guide
3X Red Silk Cutter
Level 4 materials |
25,000 blackberries
4X praxis guide
4X Red Silk Cutter
Level 5 materials |
30,000 blackberries
6X praxis guide
6X Red Silk Cutter
Level 6 materials |
37,500 Moral
9X praxis guide
9X Red Silk Cutter
Level 7 Materials |
120,000 blackberries
4x Praxis philosophies
4X intense red broken
1x puppet thongs
Level 8 materials |
260,000 blackberries
6x Praxis philosophies
6x intense red broken
1x puppet thongs
Level 9 Materials |
450,000 blackberries
12x Praxis philosophies
9X intense red broken
2 ropes of puppets.
Level 10 materials |
700,000 blackberries
16x Praxis philosophies
12X Intense Red Broken
2 ropes of puppets.
Crown of insight

There you have it.

That is all you need to know about Genshin Impact ascension and talent materials of Deny.
Be sure to check the rest of our Genshin Impact coverage below.
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