BVB: Taking the U-Turn in Bellingham – Will Jude Bellingham be Heading to Another Club After This Summer?

Borussia Dortmund’s wish for the location of Jude Bellingham beyond the summer are disappearing with every strong efficiency of the young Englishman.
A new favorite might take shape in the extended poker around the BVB star.
Likewise in the 2-1 win of Borussia Dortmund in the DFB Cup against VFL Bochum, Jude Bellingham swung again as a difference for his group.
In the beginning rather unnoticeable, the 19-year-old midfield strategist ended up being stronger with increasing playing time.
Bellingham prepared the winning objective of BVB by replacement Marco Reus.
From there was a grade of 2.0 for his performance.


BVB future of Jude Bellingham open

It is totally available to whom Bellingham laces his soccer shoes from next summer.
His contract with BVB runs till 2025.
The fact that the hotly murdered shooting star satisfies and even extends it once again is thought about excluded-even if the BVB has not yet quit the fight for Kylian Mbappé, which is presently the most valuable gamer in the planet and Bellingham is supposed to draw with a record year content.
Already in the coming summer there might be a change of the English international if a club puts the three-digit million profits called by BVB on the table.
If you think English media reports, it might be Manchester United.
For a very long time, the Red Devils were just considered an outsider in the Bellingham poker, but recently did a great deal of ground.

BVB: Manchester United new favorite in the poker around Jude Bellingham?

Firstly, the already hard club waves a nearly endless transfer budget plan for the coming summer, according to Daily Mail through a possible sale for more than 6.5 billion euros to financiers from Qatar.
Second, amongst other things, Talk speculates that United can also encourage Bellingham because of the increase under the success coach Erik Ten HAG.
In contrast to Liverpool FC, which is said to have remained in pole for a very long time at Bellingham, England’s record champ is clearly on Champions League course.

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