Uncover the Origins of Bayonetta: Cereza and the Lost Demon – New Gameplay Revealed

One of the surprises that arrived during the last The Game Awards was Bayonet ta Origins: Carla and the Lost Demon, a new delivery of the franchise that wants to demarcate the somewhat realistic art style.
And its gameplay attracts enough attention, leaving the standard for those who want to experience something that comes out of the mold.


Until a few days ago, there were not many details of it, but as its launch is next month, Nintendo has already given anticipated access to the media.
And these have already published their first video impressions, with a few minutes of footage that to be honest, looks most interesting.

Chicago here:
From what you can see in the gameplay, this time the witch of Umbra will not be the one who attacks the enemies, but will be able to convene demons to exterminate them through combat combos.
It seems that this is more inclined to moderate action and puzzles, contrary to the main games where fights are pure frenetic.
Remember that Bayonet ta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon is launched on March 17 exclusively for Switch.
Via: Nintendo
Editor’s note: It is a fresh proposal that will surely love franchise fans.
I am very interested in playing it, so it is one that cannot be missing in the Amazon desired list.

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