An Uncertain Summer Ahead: Borussia Mönchengladbach Stars Thuram and Bensebaini To Leave

The upcoming summer season will be a rather interesting for Borussia Mönchengladbach.
The agreements of the Playback stars Marcus Thu ram and Ray Bensebaini go out, both leading performers will probably no longer extend.
At Benefice loan Julian Wall, the Bundesliga club is in great spirits.
Does he go again or does he remain?
Benefice loan Julian Wall must remain beyond the ongoing rental business on the Lower Rhine if it goes to Borussia Mönchengladbach.
The Gladbacher can draw a purchase option after the end of the season.
However, this is 15 million euros and for that reason does not represent the concepts of the Russia.
Playback’s chances to be able to bind Wall in the long term are obviously good.


The 27-year-old himself currently made it clear that he can envision a long-term commitment to the Fohlen-Club.
Russia also makes no more on the desire to be able to keep Wall.
Julian fits completely with our playing style, said s director Roland Virus on Thursday at the foal interview.
It likewise fits humanly. We do not need to convince him either. Now it’s about speaking with Benefice, since you have the booklet of action in hand.
Virus had actually currently informed Build that staying was not in our hands.

does Benefice Playback meet for the transfer charge for Wall?

Helpful for Playback: According to the sheet, the German Benefice coach Roger Schmidt is said to have currently clarified internally that he is still preparing without Wall.
The six-time DFB worldwide is still contractually bound to the standard club from Lisbon up until 2024.
For Playback and Benefice, this means in plain language: this summer is probably new-and the transfer fee may be pressed.
The main midfielder quickly discovered his method with 14 Bundesliga missions.
Wall played 13 games from the start, the previous BVB male played through eleven times.

At 0-1 in Augsburg a week ago, Wall used the captain’s armband after the replacement of Christoph Kramer.

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