What You Need To Know About Genshin Impacts Starlit Sky Web Merge Event

Starlit Sky is the Webmaster of Genshin Impact, which takes place from February 5, 2023, to February 11, 2023, and is open to all adventure-ranking players 10 and higher.
During the event, you can collect 11 cards dedicated to the rite of lanterns to get Prisoners and take part in the draw of the desired real awards.
Start by switching to the official page of the web event.
Make sure that you are included in your account Holdovers, which is also your Genshin Impact account.
Choose the correct server and character, as the awards are distributed by house-game mail.

How to complete the Web Merchant of genshin impact starlit Sky and take part in the lottery drawing

After launching the web event, press daily tasks in the lower right corner of the screen to view the tasks that you can perform every day during the period of the event.

The fulfillment of each task will reward you with one chance to find the maps of fireworks.

Using the accumulated search chances, click on look for fireworks cards to get a random card with the image of the Genshin Impact characters enjoying Lantern Rite.
Then click Store in the inventory to save the card.
On the first day of the event, you can collect 11 cards and get 13 chances, but there is a chance to get duplicates.

Click on the card inventory to view all the cards that you drew.
You can choose to change the card exchange the one you have, for the one that you lack.


Having gathered all 11, select take part in a decisive prize draw to get the X40 Prisoners.
It will also serve as your entrance to the draw, where you can win one of the following awards:
iPhone 14 Pro Max (one winner)
PlayStation 5 (three winners)
iPad Mini 6 (six winners)
The exact color and prizes can suddenly change due to unforeseen circumstances.
The winners will be announced on the event page on February 13 at 12:00 (UTC +8).
If you are lucky enough to win the prize, you must fill out your delivery address until February 28 23:59 (UTC +8), otherwise the prize will be considered invalid.
The prizes will be sent for delivery within 90 days after the end of the event, but the exact date when they arrive at your threshold depends on the delivery schedule by the courier.
It is impossible to change the delivery address after sending to Hoovers, so be sure to consider this schedule when filling out the address.
In addition, the organizers of the event cover only the costs of logistics-any taxes levied by the customs of your country should be carried by the recipient.
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