Trouble In The Witcher 3: Another Major Update Causes Issues Again

In December, we reported on the release of the next gene update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
In spite of the massive anticipation, the feedback was not particularly positive.
After all, various technical issues, particularly in terms of performance on the PC, had actually triggered a lot of problems.


After CD Project Red published a hotfix shortly later on, Spot 4.01 has actually now been published for the game.
In addition to some bug fixes, there are particularly enhancements for efficiency in the focus of reporting.

brand-new patch, brand-new problems?

For the PC version, two points are explicitly mentioned in the patch notes.
On the one hand, according to the report by CD Project Red, a problem was fixed, which had actually guaranteed that Screen Area Reflections did not work.
In addition, there is now an efficiency mode for worldwide lighting based upon ray tracing.
This must provide the gamers the opportunity to put frame rate and the range of ray tracing in a ratio via slider.
Of course, this needs that you have the corresponding hardware.
The CD Job Red also screwed on the console version.
Screen Area Reflections and Global Lighting based upon ray tracing were likewise enhanced for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.
Rockpapershotgun reports, however, that the performance beyond Ray tracing modes has weakened compared to the previous variation on the PC.
Under a contrast video of the YouTube channel Bypath, which compares the video game with DirectX12 before and after the spot, the problems from the rock paper hotel are confirmed.
According to the website, the deterioration is not due to the upgrade concerning the screen space reflections.
Ultimately, disappointment in some individuals should continue to be relatively big.
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more news about The Witcher

In addition to the 3rd part of the Witcher series, the franchise on Netflix triggered a feeling at the start of the year.
The Prequel series Blood Origin, for example, was an absolute flop relating to the rankings.
At the same time, the news that Henry Cavill from season 4 would no longer appear in the series, caused a great deal of anger and criticism.
Sources: GAMES, rock paper shotgun, YouTube (Bypath).
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