Exploring Tayvat: How Many Chests Are There In Genshin Impact?

Since SYVAT Genshin Impact is filled to the edges with various regions, cities and cities, this is the perfect continent to hide one or two chests… or thousands.
With each patch, more and more are added, the Hoovers game is full of hidden treasures that need to be detected.
But how many chests are there in Genshin Impact?
Put on your adventurer costume and get ready to explore, because there are incredibly many of them.


The total number of chests in Genshin Impact (as of patch 3.4, February 2023)

Since the popular single-user MMORPG Genshin Impact from Hoovers has four game regions at the time of writing the article, it is not surprising that the game has a huge number of chests.
But the actual amount can shock you and scare slightly, especially if you like to collect everything you can.
As of February 1, 2023, the Genshin Impact 4950 unique chests., According to Loyola, the official forum of the game.
And this includes the latest region, a pile.
Please note that not every chest can be found in the open world;
Some appear in events limited in time, domained through side quests.
The number of chests of each type is as follows:

What is in every type of chests in Genshin Impact?

There are five breast types in Genshin Impact, starting with a low rarity to very rare.
As the name implies, ordinary chests are the most common, and luxurious and wonderful chests are the rarest.

Finding hidden prey, you can get various awards, such as prisoners, weapons of artifacts, the type, quantity and rarely depend on the type of chest.
You can expect to find the following items from each type of chests, although the result of production varies from chest to chest:
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