Goodbye Death Groups: How Riot Games Is Changing the LCS and LEC Tournaments in 2023

You didn’t want to make something brand-new for modification, Riot composes.
You do not want to remain with a system because it has actually constantly been the case.
The new processes that the publisher and tournament organizer presents seem well believed out.
Although there are now more games in both competitions, each one of them has a greater importance and death groups are a thing of the past.
When again, Riot appears to have the ideal sensation here.

Swiss should be at Riot’s World Championships in League of Legends.
It is the system that FIFA and EA frequently use for their competitors.
Instead of a routine group stage, the groups compete in succeeding rounds against similarly put opponents.
For instance, groups with the current result 2-1 play against each other, in addition to groups with 1-2.
Anyone who wins three times is in the K.-O. Round, who collects three beats is out.
The focus was on the concern of how we can redesign MSI and Worlds so that they are better for both the community and expert gamers without affecting the integrity of the competition, writes Riot.
The organizer therefore charges every match of this phase more: everyone counts from the optimal 5 matches and is played versus a likewise strong challenger.
The finest groups can prevail.
In the Swiss round, teams with the very same variety of success and beats play against each other.
Riot Games
It is clear that the publisher and tournament master has long and intensively handled the currently used tournament forms.
In his message, the designer notes meticulously advantages and disadvantages of the choices and compares this with his own idea of competitors and League of Legends.
The reality that the group phase at Worlds has to pave the way seemed to have actually been recognized for a long time.
Every year it was again about hammer groups, from which teams due to their challengers were just extremely fortunate or skill.
If Chinese or top-korean groups were drawn, it looked dark.
The group stage ought to feel more open and less depending on a draw outcome or a little number of possible challengers, composes Riot.

the introduction of double elimination

Meanwhile, double removal is a gold requirement in the eSports scene.
In German: Doppler.- O.-System.
Here all teams begin in an upper bracket (upper half) and slide into the Lower Bracket (lower half).
Anybody who wins above is one round, who falls down has a 2nd life, so to speak.
Since even through the Lower Bracket, a team can still come to the last.
It then plays in the upcoming rounds against the losers from above.
This is how Double Removal will operate at the MSI in the future.
The teams originate from a group stage, so not all numbers are represented.
Riot Games
The benefits are clearly obvious: slips from actually good groups stay unique without the repercussion of instant departure.
Overall, the two in fact the best teams dominate.
The system likewise has disadvantages.
It can occur that teams are treated unjustly in direct contrast.
If two teams fulfill in the Upper Bracket and a group wins 3: 1 after Matches and after that play these 2 again later on, it can end up being bothersome.
If the formerly victorious group now loses 2: 3 in the last round, it would in fact have actually counted 5: 4 over both series.
In addition, Double Elimination would extend the already six-week Worlds, because Riot is essential not to carry any matches in parallel: The teams work hard throughout the season to take part in MSI and Worlds, and we believe they deserve the complete attention of the audience, as soon as they exist.
The Worlds finals stays the same.
Riot Games
Eventually, a minimum of for Worlds, it was decided against it, since you desire to keep the high stakes danger and the high needs that the single removal involves.
It is part of the difficulty of the World Cup to specify in the last round, to surprise, surprise and not to get a 2nd chance.


MSI gets Double elimination

Instead, Double Removal is now mainly introduced for the 2nd huge occasion in the LOL calendar: the Mid-Season Invitational, or MSI for brief.
There Riot even lets the tournament form play twice, first in a new format with groups and after that classic in the final round.
This is more about which groups are invited from which regions and how they meet in the early rounds to ensure the most exciting competitions.
This thought also enters play with Worlds.
There are changes in the play-ins, which take location before the group phase.

First, all TOP4 groups from Korea and China get a place in the Swiss round.
Fourth place from Europe and America formerly played out the last representative of the two areas, the first 3 start in the Swiss round.
Similar to MSI, Riot now defines a double elimination format for the play-ins.

change not for the sake of modification

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