Exploring Nicole Brennans Role In Dead Space Remake – The Key Driver Of The Plot

Nicole Brennan is the key driver of the plot of Dead Space Remake, and serves as the motivation of Isaac Clark to overcome the horrible events caused by Marker and the Mesomorphs.

But if you are someone whose first exposure to the series is the interpretation of the modern generation, it is likely that you are not clear who Nicole Brennan is in Dead Space Remake and why she is so important for the broader narrative.
Fortunately, we are here to help clarify things.
However, be careful: there are massive spoilers ahead for the main story, and specifically moments when Nicole plays an important role.

Nicole Brennan by Dead Space Remake: identity and history explained

Nicole Brennan is a senior medical officer of the USG Chimera both in the original game and in Dead Space Remake.
She is also Isaac Clarke’s girlfriend, and the reason she signed for the repair mission in the first place.
The two met when Nicole was providing psychological treatment to Isaac’s mother, who was attracted to the Church of Biology and gradually went crazy about her beliefs and practices.
She was one of the leading minds who fought against Mesomorph’s outbreak before the main story begins, but instead of making their way through the monsters like Isaac, their efforts focused on discovering a cure.
It was his experiments and autopsies that revealed that mesomorphs were mutated human, and that there was some external influence that caused the initial madness between the ship’s crew.
Nicole even discovers the truth behind the outbreak, discovering how Dr. Mercer was studying the score and the effects that the signal has on people around him with the help of Dr. Kane.
Although he could not stop the score, he was able to slow down his effects by communicating with him and leaving clues for Isaac to use them to stop it.

Are Nicole dead in the remake of Dead Space?

However, as you will have guessed by our writing, Nicole does not come alive at the end of Dead Space Remake.


Worse, she wasn’t even alive when Isaac arrived at Chimera.
This is revealed just before the conclusion of the game.
Although Isaac thought he was seeing Nicole aboard the ship and that she was actively working with her to prevent Kendra Daniels from taking the Marker, the Marker was manipulating her perception so that Elizabeth Cross appeared before him as Nicole.
Cross didn’t correct it either, since he saw Isaac as his partner Jacob Temple.
It is a slightly different revelation to that of the original game, in which Nicole was a full-fledged hallucination instead of two people who fed each other of the minds in deterioration.
What remained the same is that Nicole finally committed suicide, long before Isaac arrived at the USG Chimera.
Isaac was also aware of this long before arriving, but he did not dare to face the truth until Kendra Daniels forced him to do it.
With that, you have all the details in whom Nicole is in Dead Space Remake.
It is a heartbreaking story and explains much of Isaac’s despair for trying to find her.
He was, after all, who insisted that he approached the USG Chimera.
In any case, if you are looking for more content about Dead Space, take a second to consult some of our articles related below.
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