The German Football Association Honors Petra Linder and Simon Seyfahrt as Amateurs of the Year.

This Tuesday, the German Football Association made a special announcement honoring Petra Liner and Simon Safari as Amateurs of the Year. These two individuals rose to the top in an across-the-nation vote on the DFB amateur football website Fuss ball. Learn how these two novices earned their well-deserved recognition and what it means for amateur football in Germany!

The German Football Association honored Petra Liner and Simon Safari as novices of the year
As the association revealed on Tuesday, the fitness instructor from Württemberg and the 16-year-old para soccer player from Thuringia dominated in the across the country vote on the DFB amateur football website
The 47-year-old Liner, who bases on the sidelines at TSV Frogmen and is likewise active, and Safari, who already plays for CFB Grunewald Erfurt despite 80 operations and a foot amputation, will be officially honored next year.
Both receive jerseys for their clubs and win a trip to a global match.
More than 10,500 users participated in the ballot, in which 10 candidates were available, and a jury of professionals also offered their judgment.
In addition to DFB President Bernd Bettendorf and his deputy Ronny Zimmermann, National group captain Manuel Neuer, the DFB captain Alexandra Pop, the two EM 2024 ambassadors Celia Basic and Philipp AHM and the former FIFA referee Briana Steinhaus-Webb belonged to the committee.

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