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Jayden RAAF’s transfer to Borussia Dortmund seemed like a dream come true for the talented Dutch midfielder. But his first few months at the club have been filled with struggles, both on the pitch and off of it. In this article, we’ll take a look at what could be behind RAAF’s performance issues and what he can do to turn things around.

I am currently missing 7 or 8 objectives that I had actually expected in spite of his injuries. In August, I believed: Now it is ready. The year is almost around.
He is a tempo player, however you can inform that he was hurt for a long time. In one-on-one, he in fact has to be totally exceptional in the 3rd department.

The requirements of the young enemy, who came totally free of charge, signed until 2025 and was obliged to present him to the professional department via the U23, is incredibly complete for the coming year: on the one hand, it needs to be clear on the pitch.
Increasing and continuously showing that for an excellent factor it is still raved about its abilities in the last third, its strength in one-on-one and its cleverness.
On the other hand, he ought to ensure to be fully placed into the group and adhere to visits.
Otherwise, the doubts about him will quickly end up being bigger.

His brief assignment in Happen highlighted the issues.
Jayden RAAF was given 10 minutes at the 2-0 win of Borussia Dortmund’s U23 at the end of October.
Very little time, of course.
At the same time, however, the chance to offer coach Christian Prefer and his group with passion for work and caution.
Rather, the 20-year-old Dutch mashed and altered 2 counterattacks at the intermediate rating of 1: 0 due to the fact that he just had himself and his possible premier gate in his head and then stayed too incorrect in the pass video game.
Final was an insufficient joker insert under the balance sheet.
His last 3rd department minutes remained in 2022.
In Happen, RAAF had unfortunate, recapitulated coach Presser recently-and that was not just a rather exact description of his appearance in the Ems land, but also suitable for his very first half of the year in the BVB jersey.
RAAF lags behind expectations.
No one had expected that the offensive player, who can begin it totally on the external lane, as a hanging idea or in 2 attacks.
Due to a cruciate ligament tear suffered in April 2021, RAAF had to stop for over a year.
In addition, the young guy came from Manchester City adaptation and orientation duration in the summer.
However not that RAAF is doing this up until completion of the year.

RAAF’s qualities can only be seen in the beginning

No other intermediate conclusion is currently to be drawn.

If so, RAAF’s quality was just seen in sparse methods: In the 1-2 against Oldenburg in mid-September, the difficult aggressor established two leading opportunities due to the fact that he turns to look at his opponent rapidly and lightly, however not crowned successfully
because his degrees came unplaced.
After 7 objectives he is waiting for a goal involvement.


RAAF missed out on the first 3 game days since of the innovative training, after which he certified for a total of just 265 minutes, in which he won almost 30 percent of his duels and dribbles ( grade 3.63).
He was by no means useful to the U23, which is frequently stumbling anyway.
He is not yet doing what we get out of him, said the sporting director Ingo Press just recently the Ruhr Nachrichten.
I am currently missing seven or eight goals that I had actually expected despite his injuries. In August, I believed: Now it is ready. I believed the exact same thing in September and October. The year is nearly around.
Fitness instructor Presser specified in discussion with this editorial group: A huge topic for him is physicality. He is not yet able to base on the pitch over a longer time.
RAAF lacks dynamics, life and assertiveness.

at the yearly financial statements against AUE, RAAF is outside

New inspiration?
Just Recently, Jayden RAAF was traveling with the specialists.
Getty Images
His replacements were growing, plus the minus performance in Happen.
We talked about all of this with him and worked particularly on fitness in the previous few weeks. That is why he wasn’t there, stated Prussian, the RAAF in the last league game of the year against AUE (0: 1).
The bank set.
He is a tempo player, but you can inform that he was injured for a long period of time. In one-on-one, he actually needs to be completely exceptional in the 3rd division. However, we have not done that yet..
He hoped that RAAF through the journey of Asia, which he recently finished with the experts and finished with a test game objective, draws new inspiration.
Since there was apparently a deficit-am unconditional will seemed to do not have RAAF in his first months.
Rather, he apparently fell into old patterns: Throughout his time at PSV Eindhoven and at Manchester City, RAAF must adversely noticed-according to information, this was also the case in the first half of the year at Russia, for which the Dutch was economically sanctioned.
As a result, the BVB does not move far from it or now basically questions its character suitability.
The pressure on the leading skill is likewise growing.
And Breaks created in summer season that he was not a Bad boy, is only made by oblivious individuals in public, loses worth.

RAAF must increase significantly in 2023.

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