Genshin Impact by Alin Ma is a Successful Cosplay of Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun

Genshin Impact is a success that strongly inspires your community to explore creativity with different content.
Artists develop trailers for the game, recreate letters from the Sacred Call of the Seven, and produce cosplay that exceed the limits of realism.
Cosplayer Alien Ma surprised its followers by appearing characterized as Yale Mike and Maiden Shogun, proving that the characters form an electrifying double.

For cosplay, the artist appears dressed in the characteristic costumes of the characters and backgrounds that harmonize perfectly with the colors that best represent the heroines of RPG.
The clothes and accessories are ideal replicas of what is found inside the game, it seems that she didn’t let any detail escape.

Other works

Yale Mike and Maiden Shogun are not the only creations of Alien Ma.
In addition to the trauma duo, the artist was also characterized as the Adept disciple, Hence;
the messenger of the Fate, La Signora;
The General, Kudos Sara and the Life, Niggling Mixing Biannual.
In these works, Alien Ma follows the same line, backgrounds that best represent the characters and costumes that are practically exact projections of clothes within the game.
With her talents, the artist is able to show fans of the game what the characters would look like in real life.

About Genshin Impact

The Hoovers RPG set in a costume world is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Android and iOS.
It has some minimum and recommended requirements for each platform.
MGG azil has also given some tips for those who want to start playing, such as the best notebooks, mobile phones and accessories for beginners or experienced ones who want to boost gameplay.


In addition to initial steps to take the game and what to never do in the game.
Genshin Impact is in its version 3.3, which ought the An emos, Walker and Tarzan, as well as the return of Into in the first part of the December banner.
In addition, Maiden will also be back in the second stage.

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