Moroccos World Cup Semi-Final With France Is The Biggest Game In Moroccos Football History And More Than 2000 Fans Will


World Cup fever is hitting Morocco. Fans are taking the expensive risk of travelling to Russia for the first time in history to watch their team play against France in what is a crucial game for the Moroccan national side.

The Moroccan airline company Royal Air Maroc announced on Wednesday a couple of hours before the semi-finals versus France (8 p.m.) that he had actually deleted flights in between Casablanca and the Qatari an capital Doha after Moroccan fans had actually not received their tickets for the game.
This is reported by the AFP news agency, which spoke to affected fans.
The airline specified that the removals of the flights run by Qatar Airways had been as an outcome of the recent restrictions by the Qatari an authorities without calling more specifically.
The failures affect 2100 passengers.

13,000 complimentary tickets and 30 unique flights

The Morocco fans had actually been guaranteed that the tickets are offered at Doha airport, stated a fan. The Moroccan Football Association FRMF had assured them tickets that would be distributed to the individuals at the airport, that on board the RAM flights
Gotten here. Then we were asked to go to the Al-Janoub Arena, but we didn’t discover anything.
According to media reports, the association is said to have actually dispersed 13,000 complimentary tickets and there should be 30 special flights.
We have the very best fans worldwide, states national coach Valid Regroup prior to the game.
I am really happy due to the fact that the world now sees what the Moroccan fans are. They come everywhere to see the team.

The game happens in the Always Arena.
From the airport, the fans are waiting for the fans, which in the end the joy of a ticket still have a longer subway and bus trip.
The arena is the most difficult to reach the World Cup.

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