Moroccos Achraf Hakimi has quelled rumours that he is part of FIFA mafia

Football teams are always in the center of scandals – but this time, it’s different. Last night, during the third and last match of the Little Final between Italy and Morocco, all over social networks there was a rumor that 15-year-old Ashraf Hakim is part of FIFA mafia.


Ashraf Hakim and the FIFA Mafia: The Moroccan merges with Gianni Infantino after the Little Finale.
Ashraf Hakim was out and scolded Must, according to eyewitnesses the leader of tournament sensation Morocco was hard to cool down after the bitter end of the African World Cup fairy tale.
The objective of his anger: FIFA President Gianni Infantino.
The World Association, according to Hakim’s major accusation after the video game for 3rd location against Croatia (1: 2), Morocco has rejected higher success!
The fans also screamed indignantly: FIFA mafia!
Absolutely nothing happened, Hakim soft-pedaled the incident later, I was a bit frustrated after the game because of one or the other choice, nothing more. A little? Appeared reports of insults towards Infantile, who unmoved the Tirade
let yourself go.
A supervisor is finally said to have actually pushed Hakim aside who was searching for a clarifying discussion with Infantile after his break-out.
I excused what I said. However, that stays among us, he reported.
Background of the dispute: Morocco felt disadvantaged by the referee as in the semi-finals versus France (0: 2).
In both games, Hakim and Co. fruitless demanded a charge.
The facility of the globally mostly unidentified Qatari Referee Abdulrahman Al Passim for the Little Final was currently questionable beforehand.

But: The referee could have whistled a charge versus Morocco when the Leipzig Joke Guardiola fell in the penalty location.

WM 2022: Not the Moroccan course

When he held back his raised gamers after Al Passim’s last whistle-and gave him his hand, coach Valid Regroup might have remembered this.
Pushing the referee was not the Moroccan way, he said, the gamers overreacted in the dissatisfaction.
The coach, which ended up being the likeable protective world champ in the course of the competition, much preferred to enjoy the congratulations of King Mohammed VI.
The king praised the finest African team in competition history in a letter on this unprecedented historic performance.
Exists more?
In the next couple of years, stated Regroup with a company look, a team from Africa will be world champ.
This was followed by a farewell welcoming filled with pathos and in the spirit of Hakim: Long live Africa!
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