Ski Alpin: Super G of the men in Val Gardena canceled.

For the third time in a row, snow was not available on Friday morning. As a result, the race of the men’s super-G had to be canceled.


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Can be canceled at any time

In Val Garden, a super-G of the men need to be finished at Ski Alpine on Friday
However, this was canceled due to the weather
Consistent fog has actually caused the cancellation of the Super-G as part of the World Cup races in the Grödnertal
Soon before the originally prepared start time at 11.45 a.m., the racing jury chose that due to the undesirable weather report, a shift was not possible
Another departure is to be hung on Along on Saturday

Ski Alpine: Super G of the men in Val Garden canceled

That’s it from the World Cup of men in Val Garden!
It is not yet clear whether and when the race will be made up for
Tomorrow Saturday there is another departure on the program on the Along, which this time will be held over the complete distance
Until then and bye-bye!
Super-G is canceled!
The weather condition conditions on Along have not substantially enhanced
Furthermore, the fog avoids the start of the Super-G and apparently the jury sees no prompt enhancement in the scenario
As has just been announced, today’s race in Val Garden is canceled!
Before the start: In addition to the Austrians around Vincent Kriechmayr and Matthias Mayer, one guy is primarily able to stop the all-rounder Marco Zermatt: Aleksander Almost Wilde
After 2 Super-G’s, the Norwegian has the exact same balance as the Swiss and each reserved a second and first location
The Canadian James Crawford can likewise be expected
On the other hand, some specialists such as Alexis Pinault, Able Lie McGrath or Lucas Breathe are missing on the start list, who concentrate on the 2 giant slices on Sunday and Monday
Prior to the start: Really, the anniversary event on the Along, for the 100th time there is a race at World Cup level in Val Garden, will start in 25 minutes
The external conditions lead to a shift in the start, as the main cause, fog on the route is presently causing difficulty
At 11:30 a.m., a jury meeting must be chosen whether it can begin at 12:15 p.m
Before the start: In the Swiss group, all eyes are of course on Marco Zermatt (start number 7)
The arrow-fast all-rounder, which had the ability to win Lake Louise’s Super-G, is currently comfortable in the total World Cup
Gino Cavities (3), Stefan Rogelio (13) and Beat Feud (14) are likewise not minimal in to defend top positions
In addition, Justin Purifier (19), Niels Hinterland (30), Alexis Money (47) and Yannick Chablis (51) complete the contingent of the Confederates
Before the start: The Austrians are typically considerably wider
As a first hope of the eight runners, Vincent Kriechmayr (begin number 8) will use up the race, which was able to win the day before and hence have its mixed start of the season forgotten
Matthias Mayer (11) also sustained brand-new self-esteem in Val Garden and was 3rd in the very first departure on the podium
In addition, Raphael Hawser (15), Stefan Babinski (28), Marco Schwarz (35), Julian Shutter (37), Christoph Green (40), Andreas Plover (41) and Daniel Hemetsberger (44) will be at the start for the Alpine Republic
Prior to the start: After yesterday’s departure, there was bad news for the team of the German Ski Association
Thomas Green suffered a muscle injury to the right thigh
‘ Now I will treat the injury in peace with the objective of starting fit again in January’, stated the 29-year-old
The black-red-gold colors will just be represented 4 times since Simon Ocher continues to fail after his fall during the downhill training at the start of the month
Rome Baumann (start number 4), Andreas Sander (6), Josef First (22) and Dominik Schweitzer (60) are trying to do an excellent result
Prior to the start: day two at the World Cup in Val Garden
Currently yesterday the ski racers in northern Italy were hunting, the Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr prevailed in front of the World Cup, Marco Zermatt and Matthias Mayer
Josef First ran in 6th place as the very best German
One day later on there is a Super-G
Before the start: The start of the race happens at 11.45 a.m
Before the start: Invite to the guy’s Super-G in Val Garden (Italy)

Ski Alpine: Super G of the males in Val Garden today on television and livestream

The ARD and Eurosport take care of the transmission on free television
In the livestream, it is also these 2 channels that you can visit to be at the Super-G Live to be there-the livestream of the ARD at is totally free of charge, the Eurosport gamer is chargeable
The Eurosport transmission can also be called up by means of Joy nor DAZN
The cost of the DAZN membership is 29.99 euros each month and 274.99 euros each year

Ski Alpine: The stand in the guy’s World Cup

Rank |
Name |
1. |
Marco Zermatt |
2. |
Aleksander Almost Wilde |
3. |
Vincent Kriechmayr |
4. |
Matthias Mayer |
Fifth |
Lucas Breathe |
6. |
Manuel Feller |
7. |
Alexis Pinault |
8. |
James Crawford |
9. |
Henrik Kristoffersen |
10. |
Daniel Hemetsberger |

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