Ski Alpin: 2nd departure of the women in St. Moritz


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Ski Alpine: The racing calendar

Duration |
Land |
22. -23
October |
Austria |
29 \
November |
Switzerland |
12. -13
November |
Austria |
19. -20
November |
Finland |
26 \
December |
USA/Canada |
Lake Louise/Beaver Creek
10. -12
December |
Italy/France |
Retrieve/Val d’Sear
15. -17
December |
Italy/Switzerland |
Val Garden/St
18 \
December |
Italy/Switzerland |
Alta Bahia/st
19 \
December |
Italy |
Alta Bahia
22 \
December |
Italy |
Madonna di Camillo
28. -29
December |
Italy/Austria |
4 \
January |
Germany/Croatia |
5 \
January |
Croatia |
7. -8
January |
Switzerland/Slovenia |
Adelaide/Franziska Gorey
10 \
January |
Austria |
13 \
January |
Switzerland |
Wen gen
14. -15
January |
Austria/Switzerland |
St. Anton/Wen gen
20. -22
January |
Italy/Austria |
Corina d’Mezzo/ Kitzbühel
24 \
January |
Italy/Austria |
28. -29
January |
Germany/Czech Republic |
Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Spindle rm the
4 \
February |
France |
6. -19
February |
France |
Couriered/M tribes
25. -26
February |
Switzerland/USA |
Clans Montana/Palisades Tahoe
3. -5
March |
Norway/USA |
10 \
March |
Sweden |
11 \
March |
Sweden/Slovenia |
Are/Franziska Gorey
15. -19
March |
Andorra |

Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI): The next Swiss is on the way!
Lara Gut-Behrami currently understands how to win in St. Moritz, however today does not come out of the beginning blocks and loses clearly in the sliding top
Later she can then play out her strong innovation and flies as well as on rails
She nearly broke the finest time, it will be 2nd for the time being
Federica Brig none (ITA): The trips from the Nuder and Fury were strong, but particularly in the center area there are still a couple of tenths
How does Federica Brig none do?
The Italian was a strong seventh the other day, however loses over half a second today
Brig none drives tactically cleverly and has a better line than the Swiss, but the fundamental speed is missing
Jasmine Fury (SUI): What Nuder deserves, colleague Jasmine Fury will now show
Yesterday the 29-year-old was fourth and in these great conditions she needs to be even quicker
Fury is at the front at first, but then does not capture a swing and is pushed out far
It is getting extremely tight, however it suffices to lead!
Prison Nuder (SUI): Prison Nuder opens the 2nd departure of St. Moritz!
The 30-year-old is extremely deep and picks up speed
Two times is and ignores a small wave shaken through, however stays on course
Overall, it is a really uneasy journey that ends after 1: 30.55 minutes

Ski Alpine: second Departure of the Women in St. Moritz today in the LiveTicker-before start

Prior to the start: Given that the conditions are now permitted once again, as yesterday, as yesterday, the lower Super G begin, however the entire departure path should be completed
Before the start: yesterday the race was characterized by strong snowfall and thick fog
The conditions changed again and again and a reasonable race was not constantly possible
Today it looks different
The sun shines in St. Moritz, the view is optimal, and the route remains in perfect condition
So might win the very best!
Before the start: Yesterday there was bitter dissatisfaction in the OSV camp after the females in red-white-red missed the leading 10
Nina Outlier and Cornelia Hunter in specific had offset a lot and dissatisfied
For this, Christina Age guaranteed a surprise with a strong 13th place and can still ride today
The exact same applies to Miriam Büchner, Ramona Siebenhofer, Tamara Tippler, Ariane Adler, Stephanie Veneer and Franziska Grit sch
In addition, Nicole Schweighöfer is there for Austria today
Before the start: Corinne Outer presented itself once again in excellent shape recently after her success at Lake Louise’s Super-G and yesterday
After 3rd location, she wishes to triumph today and in front of a home crowd
Jasmine Fury likewise showed an excellent run as 4th the other day and has every opportunity of driving on the podium
Joana Fallen and Lara Gut-Behrami have actually currently encouraged this season
Completed for the Swiss team of Michelle ISIN, Prison Nuder, Delia Durer, Juliana Outer, Livia Rossi, Stephanie Penal and Wendy Goldener
Before the start: From a German point of view, Emma Richer was particularly convincing in yesterday’s departure, who raced into the leading 15 at the age of 19
Kira Wade, on the other hand, dissatisfied and described her 24th place after a messed up run himself as ‘not appropriate’
Can she strike back today on significantly much better conditions?
The 3rd DSV motorist is also Katrin Hirtl-Stergassinger today, who ended up 27th the other day
Before the start: The Departure World Cup is up until now in Italian hands this winter
After Sofia Loggia won the very first 2 departures in Lake Louise, Elena Burton can now land the double strike in St. Moritz
Loggia was close to the triple the other day, however had to be satisfied with second location
To make matters worse, the Italian also broke her hand while touching an objective and today drives with a cuff
Prior to the start: A departure happened on the exact same slope the other day
This won once again an Italian, however not the leader of the Sofia Goggia-Sie leaving world cup ended up being 2nd, however Elena Burton
The regional hero Corinne Outer drove in third place in front of compatriot Jasmine Fury
Kira Wade ended up being and got a weak day 24. The best German was Emma Richer, who ended up 15th
Before the start: The speed race in the Swiss neighborhood begins at 10.15 a.m
Before the start: Hello and welcome to the 2nd departure of the women in St. Moritz

Ski Alpine: 2nd Departure of the Women in St. Moritz today on television and Livestream

Eurosport and ARD use the second departure of females reside on totally free TV and live stream today
With Eurosport 1, the transmission starts at 10.15 a.m., the ARD starts at 10.20 a.m

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ski alpine: 2nd departure of the females in St. Moritz now in the live ticker

Elena Burton (ITA): Now Elena Burton is coming!
Can the other day’s winner strike once again?
Burton stays halfway up at the top, however then leaves a couple of tenths in the center area, which she mastered so highly the other day
After a very long jump, it is then pressed out and is no longer in the race for the podium
Sixth location!
Corinne Outer (SUI): A few women are still at the top who can mix up the classification at the front
Of course, this includes Corinne Outer, who plunges into the native slope and takes full danger
You can’t drive that more strongly, but Outer is twice the outer ski, and she has to work enormously
A really wild journey is ending up being a growing number of unrestrained at the back, and it just flashes ninth
Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT): Ramona Siebenhofer was far from the other day, but today things are going well!
The 31-year-old brings in the turns early, taking the pace well
At the back you go a little the breath, otherwise there would have been much more than ninth place
In any case, a step forward for Siebenhofer
Cornelia Hunter (AUT): Cornelia Hunter is the second of a ODD trial pack
Yesterday she was the very best Austrian, however obviously she wants a lot more
It also computes early and then has to rebuild the edge of the edge
However that makes them very strong!
Hunter captures the line completely and makes steam
3rd place!
Miriam Büchner (AUT): Miriam Büchner is referred to as a strong glider and occupies this with a new best time in the upper part
Then the Austrian neglects a bump completely, however saves herself, but loses speed
The gap grows and grows and Büchner is fourth behind teammate Outlier
Joana Fallen (SUI): Is there anything else to cheer for the Swiss fans on the path?
To do this, Joana would really have to create after this dream trip from Loggia
And you can’t do that
Fallen selects a cheeky, narrow line, but in some way the handbrake is a bit dressed
Fourth location!
Sofia Loggia (ITA): Now Sofia Loggia is coming!
According to your own declaration, the damaged hand barely hinders, but whether that is real?
The leader of the departure ranking plunges into the slope in spite of the handicap in the red jersey with full power and has a massive rate on it
Loggia is at Wales’s top time and chooses a similarly aggressive line as the German
With a very long dive, the Italian flies into the target slope and actually takes another half a second
Reigned Mowinckel (NOR): What can Reigned Mowinckel move at her 200th World Cup begin?
The Norwegian remained in shape recently, however is instantly clear
Something doesn’t fit today
Mowinckel falls back with no recognizable errors
Breezy Johnson (USA): After the very best times are just recently tubular, Breezy Johnson can not construct on there
The American is on the way back to the top of the world, however there is merely a few percent missing
After a technical misery, Johnson saves himself acrobatically soon prior to the end and at least arrives safely
Kira Wade (GER): Kira Wade was disappointed yesterday, but today it’s a totally different race
The German gets furious with anger in the stomach and is a great tenth in front
The German also catches the Mauritius swing in the middle section well and even expands
She wobbles quickly, however stays up and keeps pressing on the gas
A strong drive is rewarded with the tour!
Nina Outlier (AUT): Nina Outlier was challenging the other day with a limited point of view
Today she wishes to build on the good performances from Lake Louise once again and also starts greatly
In the long flat piece it remains on the front, then it does not drive the closest line in the technical middle area, but the very best time!
With a crazy standard speed, the Austrian races down the slope and takes off the previously leading Jasmine Fury for half a second!

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The ski racers are finishing the second departure in St. Moritz today
Here you can follow the race live
Today the Speed Professionals object to the 2nd departure in St. Moritz
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Ski Alpine, huge slalom in Val d’Sear: 2nd round top 10 |
Square |
Name |
1 |
Sofia Loggia |
1: 28.85
2 |
Kira Wade |
+ 0.52
3 |
Cornelia Hunter |
+ 0.75.

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