Atletico Madrid Demands Mega-Sum For João Felix


Atlético Madrid has obviously provided the assailant João Félix, who wants to move, with a high rate tag.
As the Munro Deporting reports, the Rojiblancos need an amount between 130 and 140 million euros.
The Spanish capital club put around 127 million euros on the table in 2019 for the now 23-year-old.
After a strong World Cup from Félix, Atlético Who firmly insists not to make a minus company throughout a sale.
Gil Marin, club boss of Atlético, had actually recently confirmed at THE that his club would deal with a sale: I personally believe that he is a top skill, a world-class player. Reasons on that
I do not wish to go into more information, the relationship in between him and the coach, his minute of play, however their existing motivation, make you think about whether there is an option that benefits the player and helpful for the club. We can
Take a look at that.
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Barça is probably the transfer from World Cup hero
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There have been lots of rumors about Félix for weeks.
According to the transfer professional Gianluca di Mario, the Portuguese has a preferred goal: 28-time worldwide tenders clearly to relocate to Paris Saint-Germain.

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