Prime Gamings Exclusive RPG Drops Return For Genshin Impact: HoyOversse Rescue Mission

After a long time, genshin impact drops return to Prime Gaming, a prime subscriber game platform.
Amazon exclusive service subscribers can now rescue the first package, available from December 14 to 27.
The rewards will be given until May 24, 2023, with a total of eight drops.

What follows the packages?

By rescuing the package, the player will receive in the game 60 essential yolks, 5 northern apple stews and eight Exp from the hero.
The items available when accumulated will be essential to help the player throughout his RPG journey, mainly because they are eight drops in total.
That is, in the end they will receive 480 yolks, 40 stews and 64 Ex.
Gems can be reversed in three destinations at the end.
The northern apple stew is a three-star life regeneration plate.
Depending on the quality at the time of preparation, it can restore 30/32/34% of life and 600/1250/1900 for the selected character.


With the hero’s Exp it will be possible to evolve the level of the characters.

How to redeem?

First you need to be a prime subscriber to access the benefits of Prime Gaming.
Once as a subscription service user just follow the instructions below:
Access the session for the game on the Prime Gaming website
Select the Get content in the game option
Enter Genshin Impact
Go to the email box inside the game
After that, the rewards will appear for rescue in the RPG messaging box.
Remember that the email at Prime Gaming should be the same as used in the Genshin Impact register.
Each package has a time limit of availability.
It will be possible to redeem the first until December 27, i.e. players have 12 days to get the rewards.

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