Hansa Rostock: Fine after the cup game in Lübeck. FC Hansa Rostock has just reached the reduction

On Saturday evening, the Hans Rostock football club played in the German Cup against Lübeck. The game ended with a 5-0 victory of the home team. After the game, many fans of FC Hans Rostock and Lübeck committed an attack at each other.

This time the occasion is the cup game at CFB Lübeck.
The prestigious Baltic Sea battle had lost the Kong 0-1, after the final whistle there was a small storm.


Quickly after the last whistle, the DFB describes the procedures, at least 40 Rostock spectators stormed onto the square. After they had actually spoken with the gamers of their club, they let the authorities push back into their block.
Advertising bands in the interior, and a rocket was shot from the fan block onto the field.
The occurrence has effects: The second department club has to pay 7,500 euros.
He took advantage of the reality that the association recognized 27 advocates who operated on the pitch.
The penalty of 15,000 euros originally requested by the control committee was lowered by half.

FC Hans can invest 2500 of the 7500 euros in security or infrastructural steps.
The club just recently feared a further penalty for the house video game against Hamburger SV after the home video game against St. Pauli after the home video game versus St. Pauli.

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