Gensin Impact Toukabou Shigure is the best character to be used. The new Akitsu Kimodames

Gen sin Impact Toukabou Figure is the best character to be used. The new Kits Biodomes. Join up with Gen sin Impact to get a free sword option!

The new Kits Kimodameshi occasion from Gen sin Impact is now live and offers players the opportunity to earn a brand-new free sword choice.
In view of the uncommon chance, the gamers unquestionably wonder what this ought to be effect toukabou figure the finest character to utilize the new weapon.
With a view to the future, there is a lot to find out about the next update, such as:
B. the speculation about the publication date of Genshin Impact 3.4 and the rumors about the Banner of Gen sin Impact 3.4 in order to get a lead in preparation for brand-new deals with.


Gen shin Effect Toukabou Figure Finest Character

The finest characters for Toukabou Figure in Gen shin are Keisha, Keying, Pilot, Kiki Shinobi and Traveler (Pedro).
While these are the best characters to use the brand-new occasion weapon, in view of the limitations of Toukabou Figure as a single target alternative, it is not a best-in-slot weapon for every single character.
Toukabou Figure works well with Keisha, Keying, Pilot, Kiki Shinobi and Tourist (Pedro), as it uses an Elemental Proficiency Boost as a sub-Stat and at the very same time provides a loss of damage due to its unique capability.
Characters that benefit from EM, such as Keisha, as well as characters that make use of Elemental Reactions, such as Kiki Shinobi or the Pedro Traveler, are much better suited for the Toukabou Figure occasion sword.

How to get Toukabou Figure in Genshin Impact

Toukabou Figure is made by the Kits Kimodameshi occasion in Gen sin.
Play the very first state of Kits Kimodameshi to earn the special event sword.
Keep in mind that the Toukabou Figure is just available during the event, so get it now, as long as you can to get a fantastic free-to-play weapon option.
Toukabou Figure offers the following impact:
Aidan: Rainfall-Erdbinder
After an attack struck a challenger, he adds a circumstance of Cursed Parasol for 10 seconds.
The character that leads this weapon adds 16 % more damage to the opponent, who is impacted by Cursed Parasol.
This impact can just be activated when every 15 seconds.
If the opponent is eliminated by Cursed Parasol, the cooldown is updated instantly.
Now that you know the finest character of Toukabou Figure to use it in Gen sin Impact, you have a great free alternative to the Iron Sting.
Another method to enhance your game is to get more information about the very best deck from Gen shin Effect TCG in order to outshine your challengers on the battleground.

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