Akitsu Kimodomeshi Shatterckin Chiefs Defeat Guide in Genshin Impact

Gimodomeshi’s Kits Kimodomeshin impact offers players a unique set of fun challenges that differs from standard game battles.
However, as you advance, you will find three powerful bosses known as SHATTERDARK, who will try to eliminate you in timed rounds.
Here is everything you need to know about how to overcome all Shattered Gen shin Impacted Kits Kimodomeshi potholes.

GENSHIN IMPACT Guide of the Shatter ark Chief

The challenges of Chief Shatter ark can be unlocked when players complete the Men-Mayhem mini-game in Kits Kimodameshi.
Once you finish this mission in Gen shin, you will impact a door to these opponents, where you can fight against Gibbering Gambler, to derange decrepit duelist and the mesmeric Marine Maiden:
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These tests are similar to the Pong game, presenting a skill-box and a bar that four members of your group can use to attack.
As a result, players can win several rewards in these challenges, such as Morey, courage test tickets, firstborn, Hero Wit and Mystic Enhancement Ore.

How to defeat the pharfullante grunt in Genshin Impact

The first Shatter ark Chief, Gibbering Gambler, includes a 10-minute timed challenge with a limited amount of 10 reserve balls.
Therefore, players must preserve and guide their skill-balls in the right direction to tear down defenses with the opponent’s electronic.
You can also combine two different elements to enhance the powers of the ball.
For example, travelers can use an electron and Pro user to trigger an explosion of a detonator ball.
When selecting a team, it is recommended to place a Pro character in your group, since this element counteracts the electron types.
In addition, it can equip three modifiers to use during the fight, including relative expansion, acceleration of change or concomitant impact.
Relative expansion extends the bar for a limited time after a character change, while Switch-Cerratiom increases movement speed by 20 percent.
Finally, the concomitant impact triggers eight artificial fires when there are less than 10 bricks on the board, which can help accelerate the rhythm in the final stage.
Fortunately, Gibbering Gambler is a relatively easy chief of Genshin Impact since there will be holes in his defenses, allowing you to attack while the creature is in a vulnerable state:
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It should be noted that this Shatter ark Chief will constantly change the design of the blocks on the board, so players must get rid of these blockages to tear down the opponent.
Those who complete the challenge will obtain 60 firstborns, 200 courage test tickets and 30,000 default.
In addition, you can claim other rewards for achieving specific tasks, such as reaching a score of 3000 points.

Currently, Chiefs Derange Decrepit Duelist and Mesmeric Marine Maiden Shatter ark are not in the game, since they will launch in the next few days.
That said, it may be attentive to get more information about these challenges once the update is launched.
That is enough for our guide on how to overcome all Shatter ark’s potholes in Kits Kimodameshi.
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