The 20th matchday of the Regionalliga West was decimated by three games due to weather -related cancellations.

In the late afternoon, 1. FC Kaan-Marienborn and the reserve of 1. FC Cologne.
A stroke of genius from Seizure sufficed against the collapsing Perfume expert reserve right away prior to the break whistle to abduct the 3 from Perfume against the crumbling Cologne expert reserve.
The Zimmermann group could for that reason not win in the tenth video game in a row and remains in the basement.
Fans of SV Lipstadt 08 and FC Schalke 04 II can watch in other places at the weekend, the game of their teams is only scheduled for February 22nd.

The gaze increases, in these times there are sky.
But no matter the weather, the game of Prussia Münster had actually to be canceled at 1. FC Bolt.
The guest area will be expanded at the Hunting and the targeted alternative stadium in Oberhausen was likewise not offered.
Hence, the Wuppertal SV offered the opportunity to shorten the gap to seven points on Saturday.
With the self-confidence from 7 wins in a row, the WSV likewise pressed in Wiedenbrück from minute one to the accelerator and pressed the house side deep into its own half.
On the deep run, the guests’ offensive video game was not as straightforward as in the weeks before.
There were no actually big opportunities in the preliminary stage on both sides.
The SCW entered front with the first chance ever.
After a rapidly carried out counterattack, the ball landed in the tooth, which finished ice-cold (18th).
Wuppertal, unexpected from the rather pleased and certainly surprising opening objective of the home side, then did not get a foot on the lawn and might be fortunate to be left behind in the top possibilities of membership) and tooth (23rd).
Shortly before the break, Wuppertal likewise utilized the surprise impact and pertained to adjust through Cheers after a complimentary kick (45. +1).
The 2nd half started likewise to the first.
The WSV endeavors however without compelling actions forward.
From the hour brand name, the video game adjusted again.
The pendulum might have been struck on both sides at any time.
As the game advances, the square ended up being much deeper and the game was more rough.
A distance from Spiekermann in the 84th minute was significant for Wuppertal’s safe offensive efforts this afternoon.
In the final minutes, Public saw the red card after a rough foul.
As a result, the WSV ran out of it and stayed with a fair division of points.

Playback leaps in second place

While Alemannic Aachen has another Münster persecutor-if you need to call it that at these huge points of the point and only bets Fortuna Düsseldorf II on January 27, the third-placed U 23 from Borussia Mönchengladbach received 1. FC
After six unbeaten video games, the little foals lasted at Roadway Oberhausen (0: 1), Duran on November 19, the launching under his new coach Boris Schooner bung 0: 3 at SC Wiedenbrück, however then with 4
Points from 2 encounters revealed a good response.
There was nothing to get for the Schooners team that day.
If the climber’s defense bulwark in the goalless very first half still seemed waterproof, that collapsed entirely after the modification of sides.
First Local brought the home side in the front (47th), team (64th), Mussel (71. ), Keeper (86.) and Nader (88th) made it really clear at the end.
The Playback expert reserve leaps in 2nd place because the Wuppertal SV might not win at the very same time.
In the fight against transfer, the direct meeting between SG Wattenscheid 09 and Rot Weiss Allen took location on Saturday.
The house team recently defeated the leading teams Münster (4: 5) and Wuppertal (2: 4), however showed strong morality mostly against the leader and in the previous weeks.
At Allen, Andreas Globe is now a brand-new coach on the sidelines.
Until the break, he saw a really great appearance of his group, which had played a comfy two-goal lead through evictions of Alert (16th) and Del (41st).
After the modification of sides, the game unexpectedly altered completely.
Allen hired the football video games for the most part and took the butter from the bread from an extremely brief time.
After Meier’s connection objective in the 55th minute, the promoted group noticed his chance and turned the video game totally within 8 minutes.
First Perch matched from the point (61. ), shortly afterwards Seine put 3: 2.
It took up until the 77th minute before Red Weiss got up from deep sleep and pertained to adjust through Alert.
In some way symbolically for Allen’s second half it was that with Jan Rollback, a man of all people, of all individuals, made the ball to the decisive 4: 3 into the Allen real estate.
SV Straiten was damned to success again with eleven points behind the saving bank against Roadway Oberhausen.
Instead of three points, the SVS set a clear 0: 4 bankruptcy.

In the late afternoon, 1. FC Kaan-Marienborn and the reserve of 1. FC Cologne.

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