Internal solution for swimmers: working group instead of external top.

Christian Hangman, director of the swimming performance sports at the German national Olympics committee, does not expect to hire a national coach for the shorter distances before the 2024 Olympics in Paris. He said in an interview with ARD radio that he hopes an internal solution can be found by then.

At that time, the top-class coaches are between two Olympic video games in fixed agreements. There was hardly a possibility to eliminate someone and to commit someone for us, said Hangman of the German Press Company.


Such a position also does not rely on the competitive sports personnel moneyed by the federal government.
The German swimmers around top professional athlete Florian Cellblock were most recently successful on the long routes.
Due to the fact that it is more than likely nothing to employ an external expert, the German Swimming Association (DSV) relies on an internal solution.
We have actually now established a working group with coaches from the short and medium-range area. You are dealing with a method for the time to the Olympics in Paris 2024. It has to do with steps for final and relay prospects on the brief and medium distance, stated Hangman.
The uninhabited post of the chief nationwide coach, on the other hand, is to be filled again.
We desire to rewrite this position at the beginning of next year, said Hangman.

Frank takes over

At the brief track world champion, which begins in the Australian Melbourne this Tuesday, the Berlin federal base coach Lapse Frank takes over the team leadership of the eight-member German group.

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