10 Reasons Why Bela Rethys Voice is Unique

Asking any football fan the most iconic voice in broadcasting will not take long – his is easily recognizable, even for those who don’t speak German. It’s the voice of Bela Retry. A Hungarian native who came to Germany as a child, Retry joined ZDF in 1985 and covered the biggest football matches from across Europe over the past three decades.

It had actually been clear for a long time that he stopped.
Now it is clear how he stops: Bela Retry accompanies his last game as a commentator and the World Cup semi-final in between Morocco and France on Wednesday night.
It is the last video game of ongoing competition that Retry’s stem station is broadcast.


The 2nd semi-finals of Croatia Argentina and the last can be seen in the ARD, the game for 3rd location runs solely on Magenta in the stream.
Retry discussed his first worldwide match for ZDF in 1991, a U-16 duel between Germany and Ireland.

From 1996 to 2018 he belonged to the World and European Championships at the microphone in all the end video games of the World and European Championships.
At the 2014 World Cup, Retry accompanied Germany’s 7-1 success over Brazil.
Morocco against France, however, the 65-year-old will not bring the stage alone: Interacting coach and ZDF professional Sandro Wagner will be at his side in his last game.

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