Wohlgemuth leaves the field ordered from SC Paderborn

As a training association, SC Paderborn has frequently paved gamers like Luca Kilian and Chris Zurich in the current past and makes the way to the Bundesliga.
Fitness instructors such as Roger Schmidt, André Breitenreiter and most recently Steffen Rampart used the club up as a springboard.
After two effective years, Markus Roche changed to RB Leipzig as sports director.
Fabian Wohlgemuth is now joining this list.
Paderborn’s handling director of Sport signed a long-lasting contract with the very first department club VfB Stuttgart and begins the Militant succession.


It is necessary to close his gap on the paper.

skills is needed, rush not required

Due to the fact that the bar is high, competence is needed.
Wohlgemuth’s balance sheet is outstanding.
Born in Berlin, he was available in May 2020 for Martin Przondziono, who was overwhelmed with the Succession of the Roche and was terminated.
He supported the club together with coach Rampart after the Bundesliga descent and became ninth in the 2nd department in 2020/21 and a year later on under Lukas Kwasniok seventh.
The East Westphalia are currently 6th.

The common placements are also thanks to Wohlgemuth’s transfer policy.
The 43-year-old used the relatively modest funds.
He revealed a good eye for transfer-free stars from lower leagues and was often appropriate even in rental shops.
He provides his follower a well-ordered field.
This now assists the SCP a little more.
When selecting a follower, since the club does not have to rush anything.
Because the existing squad is well-balanced and deeply occupied, there is relatively little work in winter transfer window.
From January 1st, just cosmetic corrections will be required.

excellent sensation in the separation agreements run out

Positive that leading performers such as captain Ron Challenger (2024), Julian Just van (2025), Marco Schuster (2025) and Jannie Hugh (2024) are bound in the long term.
However, the new male will need to handle leaking agreements.
The rental stores with Marvin Pie ringer (seven objectives) and Maximilian Ruhr end in summer.
The agreements of regulars such as Janis Hewer, defense routine We Unclear, Florent Muslim and Dennis SABENA are also expired.
Because the change to VfB Stuttgart has actually been rewarded accordingly, we diverge with a great feeling, said President Thomas Sage.
The transfer is relocating the six-figure area.
It remains to be seen whether this cash will be used for a still bound sports director or a contractless supervisor comes.
Robin Trust is temporarily getting involved as head of the license player department Wohlgemuth’s area of obligation.

Wohngemuth again in the cup

After test video games against Hanover 96, VFL Osnabrück and VFL Bochum, the SCP continues for league points after the break at the turn of the year at the Karlsruhe SC.
When VfB Stuttgart will reveal up in the cup round of round in Paderborn, 4 days later there is a reunion with Wohlgemuth and Zurich.

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