Ski Alpin Super G of females in Lake Louise now in the live ticker


Prior to the start: As on yesterday’s two days, Sofia Loggia won both departures in Lake Louise, Canada in 2015
A year ago she even crowned the weekend with a win in Super G, so she won all three races
In the more course of the winter, there was another success in the Super G ´ Our ‘, the downhill specialist is not the best favorite for the day’s victory as the 5th finest of the last discipline ranking
Prior to the start: Today in the World Cup 2022/23 of ladies, the Super G is for the very first time
The favorites for victory include the Italians Sofia Loggia and Federica Brig none, the strong Austrian speed chauffeurs and Olympic champion Lara Gut-Behrami (Switzerland)
The only German starter with ambitions on a front placement is Kira Wade
Before the start: The last competition of the World Cup weekend in Lake Louise begins at 7 p.m. There were 2 descents on the 2 previous days
Prior to the start: Hi and welcome to the Live ticker of the Super G of the males in Lake Louise (Canada)

Ski Alpine: Super G of women in Lake Louise today survive on television and livestream

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Ski Alpine: Summary of today’s World Cup races

Date |
Competitors |
Sunday, December fourth, 6pm |
Super-G men |
Beaver Creek
Sunday, December fourth, 7pm |
Super-G females |
Lake Louise

Marta Passino (ITA): The very same uses to Marta Passino, who likewise develops the majority of her deficit of one 2nd below
In the middle area, nevertheless, a little more would have been urgent for both chauffeurs
Tessa Morley (FRA): The huge slalom professional Morley starts highly at the top, but just can not stay up to date with the finest speed chauffeurs when gliding
So it loses a lot, particularly listed below and is initially listed in tenth
Keirsey Kickoff Lie (Nor): After a short preparation break, Keirsey Kickoff Lie
After her injury, the Norwegian was not yet at the old level on the descents, but shows a good efficiency at the top
When you go into the flat passages and that you were far from the gates, Bitter that you make a big error
She loses practically a second in the meantime alone, otherwise it was a strong idea
Michelle ISIN (SUI): ISIN marks a great time again after a very long time, but the Swiss lady develops a few smaller errors around the coaches’ corner and the Away case
In the end it is seventh location that ISIN presses
Miriam Büchner (AUT): Miriam Büchner likewise drives a strong last section, but has a little too much gap to Outer due to a rather too careful journey than that she could still catch up
She could still ride around the Sticker, right?
The Austrian glides heavily below and sits down on podium 3 in front of Loggia
Corinne Outer (SUI): Like Loggia, the strong departed Outer reveals that Mowinckel is still a little even more down
Due to the fact that the few tenths of deficit makes up for the Swiss female at the bottom, goes into the last sliding passages with a very little lead
In them, the Swiss Federal is much faster than mowinckel and presses into area
Is the triumph for Outer in third and second location in the departures today?
Sofia Loggia (ITA): A faulty journey from Sofia Loggia in the upper part!
The Italian makes a number of errors in the technical passages, has to cross it and when have the external ski in the air
More than 8 tenths behind
With anger in the stomach, she caught up from the Away case, moves greatly at the bottom and lowers the range again by six tenths
That is not enough for the lead, but Loggia can take 2nd location due to the errors at the beginning
Romans Miracle (FRA): Miracle is a little too hesitant in the Away case and has to get up more in front of the sliding passages below
This suggests that the rate is no longer so high and there is nothing more to construct on speed listed below
Fourth location at the goal!
Reigned Mowinckel (NOR): Excellent start of Mowinckel, which runs a technically great and very regulated race right from the start
It is not as wild as that of Gut-Behrami, but the Norwegian captured the line strong in apparent calmness
She takes 3 tenth lead into the last flat pieces and does not lose too much of it
Modification of management!
Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI): Wow!
Lara Gut-Behrami starts furiously, bends almost whatever at the top, has almost half a 2nd ahead
However, she does not get a little dive from the direction, even saves herself
The journey on Lesser’s cutting edge continues to the Away case, then it carries it too far, and she misses out on an objective
A wild ride has actually ended too soon
Elena Burton (ITA): Especially in the very first turns straight after the beginning home, the leading Siebenhofer did an actually strong task, where she reduces a lot to all athletes
Burton gets this out in the middle section, has to do with on the exact same with the Austrian
From the Away case, the Italian then captures a strong line, takes a good speed and is really near to the front: twelve hundredths in front of Siebenhofer
Tamara Tippler (AUT): Tamara Tippler wants excessive from the Fish-Net curve, drives the Away case directly
The big error costs a great deal of time, Tippler needs to increase sharply on the brakes
At the bottom she selects up a bit, eight tenth behind are still excessive to get associated with the front
Federica Brig none (ITA): Now the finest ten drivers of the previous season start with the red jersey that Federica Brig none is wearing!
However, the Milanese woman is not fit early this season, which also displays in one of her 2 strongest disciplines, the Super G. Brig none makes some technical mistakes, gets in the reserve or leaning too far within
So she has to make do with completion of the classification

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In Lake Louise, Canada, females in the Alpine World Cup of ladies is now driving for victory in an extremely G
Here you can follow the race in the live ticker
At the end of the alpine weekend in Lake Louise, there is an incredibly G of females
Who is winning the first incredibly G of the new season?
You can find out for the race in our live ticker

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Ski Alpine: Super G of females in Lake Louise now in the live ticker

Emma Richer (GER): Richer drives a swing wrong in front of the Coaches ´ Corner and has to put it down
The German certainly loses a couple of tenths, however the DSV professional athlete is extremely psychological and truly strong
It is just 1.22 seconds behind, with this narrow field, Richer at first ranks in 20th location
Christina Age (AUT): An Austrian wears the start number 31, but Christina Age is too tentative and is passed backwards
Just Caroline Pitcher leaves her behind
Top 30 at the finish: The very first 30 out of a total of 50 start numbers are at the surface line!
The Swiss Outer leads in front of the OSV professional athlete Hunter, Mowinckel is third
If there is not a surprise, the podium will be
If there is something to report, we continue to accompany the German-speaking runners and otherwise contact us
Kira Wade (GER): The DSV runner ends the block of the very first 30 drivers!
Kira Wade takes complete risk and drives on tack, however is also a little too difficult and makes a small error in the center area
At the bottom, the German is more out of the method, remains under one 2nd behind and sets off the eleventh
A great look in the Super G, with which Wade is also pleased!
Stephanie Veneer (AUT): After a brief disturbance, probably to fix an objective, the next Austrian continues
Veneer drives a little too thoroughly at the top, but then drives mostly on train in the middle part
It is insufficient for the top 10, 14th location
Alice Robinson (NZL): Exists a top trip in here again?
Robinson persuades, especially in the technical middle section, the Fish-Net curve and the Away case nearly drive the fastest
The New Zealand’s youth hope sets in the edges a bit too hard when sliding in the flat piece
At the same time as Lie, Robinson ranks at Plate 15 at the goal
Nadine Fest (AUT): Exactly 2 tenths quicker than Prison Nuder is Nadine, who needed to easily fix in the coaches’ corner
Nuder strongly presses a place backwards and himself in 21st place
Prison Nuder (SUI): Specifically in the technical middle area, the present runners waste time on Outer
The country lady of the leaders at a lot of defend a few points, triggers time to 21st place
Caroline Pitcher (ITA): For Caroline Pitcher, greater aspirations are over early when she has to cross considerably in the Fish-Net curve and the speed is entirely gone
For about 2 seconds of mortgage, she takes with him after this mistake, at the surface there are more than three seconds behind
Marie-Michele Gagnon (Can): Gagnon desires to reveal himself, starts aggressively
The local hero uses the edges somewhat too difficult, however it is a consistently perfect journey
The Canadian checks the one-fastest one-top ten!
Nina Outlier (AUT): Nina Outlier plainly trips a legal swing and the following little leap in the upper section and missed out on the following gates
Nicole Delano (ITA): Delano, specifically around the coaches’ corner, can not keep up with the cloud nine and loses additional time from the meantime
In the end it is nearly two seconds, the Italian takes control of the red lantern
Breezy Johnson (USA): Johnson captured the turns that are more like a downhill run, however in the narrower curves the American still has some problems after her injury
In a very tight field, it returns to 17th location with only 1.33 seconds
Cornelia Hunter (AUT): With start number 20, Hunter puts a top speed out of the Away case!
Since the technical part has also been successful and the OSV professional athlete can take the speed with her, the Austrian could even assault the lead here once again?
It will be exceptionally limited, in the end Outer and Hunter just different two hundredths as in the exit of the Swiss woman who had actually already been added
Nonetheless, an extremely strong journey from Hunter, who once again changes colleague Büchner from Sticker
Jasmine Fury (SUI): Now you are going to attack again!
Jasmine Fury drives immensely straight and hard, but it is too aggressive
The speed of gliding suffers a little below, still seventh place is a decent outcome

Nicole Schweighöfer (AUT): Nicole Schweighöfer wishes to develop on the strong performance of her teammate
In the technical middle part, this is a good performance of the 33-year-old, however previously, and after it does not concern Siebenhofer
In the lower, flatter moving passages in particular, she loses time, however still checks in second place
Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT): Siebenhofer is very versatile and dynamic
The Austrian remain on the edge a little longer than her leaders, however has discovered the clearly the finest line up until now
Every section drives better than Joana Fallen and takes seven tenth lead over the goal
An excellent trip!
Laura Gauche (FRA): Laura Gauche drives the middle part on attack, drives evictions very straight
You can likewise observe that in the meantime, the French lady has more than four tenths
From the Away case, however, it is dipped together on a bump and increases the following swing so much too late
You can no longer fix this and miss out on the next Törchen-Discretion!
Ariane Adler (AUT): And the Austrian Ariane Adler begins a little faster above than her forerunner
Shortly before the Fish-Net curve, she has to fix the instructions a little
In the Away case, the OSV runner takes a great deal of rate, however can be brought out too far in the following curve
The outcome is 2 tenths of the finish line
Joana Fallen (SUI): It begins just below the Ticket jump, the coaches’ Corner and the Away case together with the Fish-Net curve are taken with you
Joana Fallen is slipping up that does not require a rough mistake
You can drive the entire thing a little more direct, the very first instructions are still set: 1: 21.95
It begins: By the method, the German trainer set the course
The conditions are a little much better than in the last two days
Compared to the other day, the wind does not whistle and compared to Friday it has actually ended up being a bit warmer
It is still crispy-17 degrees
The Swiss Joana Fallen opened!

Ski Alpine: Super G of women in Lake Louise today in the LiveTicker-before start

Before the start: Corinne Outer drove two podium locations in the very first 2 descents, and the federal government missed out on the very first race by just four hundredths
In the second race there were about four tenths, right behind her, compatriot Joana Fallen ranked in fourth place and narrowly missed out on the podium
Today, the eyes are also a bit more exact on Lara Gut-Behrami
Not rather as strong in the departure, she was the best Swiss Super-G athlete of the previous season
Michelle ISIN wants to forget a weak journey from Friday and develop on the other day when she got 8th
Before the start: After a combined last season, the Austrians revealed themselves highly at the start of the speed season, two professional athletes drove to the podium: Hunter ended up being third, Outlier yesterday second
In spite of 2 excellent performances, Miriam Lucerne raced past the podium (4th and 5th)
The OSV showed that the group is not only well positioned in width, but can likewise ride the leading locations
The athletes want to duplicate this today in Super G
Before the start: After Kira Wade revealed up in a good early kind regardless of errors on the 2 descents and at least introduced a top ten placement (7th) and the finest ten as soon as missed out on (11th), the DSV athlete settles in the great
G typically considerably fewer opportunities
For contrast: In the departure ranking, Wade gained 224 points last winter season, in Super G only 119. The German fans can be thrilled to Emma Richer, after the satisfying 21st location from the other day, the 19-year-old does not only desire to continue to gain valuable experience, but choose to go to the points once again
Prior to the start: Mikaela Shirin followed in third place in the Super-G classification last season, the slalom expert can get a little better compared to the departure with the Super G, which is at least a bit winding
Reigned Mowinckel, who was the fourth best Super-G professional athlete, is also part of the preferred group, and at the World Cup Ending in Couriered presented her first World Cup success in this discipline
Prior to the start: The two fastest Super-G chauffeurs in the past winter season come from Italy, like Loggia: Federica Brig none selected up the small crystal ball, Elena Burton was the 2nd fastest in the Super GS last season
Together, the 3 Italians combine 6 Super-G triumphs of the 9 races of the past winter-from which country the favorites come, has actually for that reason been clarified.

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