Genshin Impact: Bug that multiplies Paimons bug is Teyvats true nightmare

Genshin Impact is a well-executed title, with surprising graphics and charismatic characters, but still does not escape errors like any other game, even with the surveillance of the developer team.
Bugs are not rare in the Hoovers RPG, but there is one that catches the attention of players: Prison’s duplication.
On Reddit, a player shared this event and showed what could be East’s true terror.
A Prison is already tiring and chatty, now imagine two?
There is no peace of spirit of the traveler who can handle.
Many fans joined the topic in question and had fun with the error that multiplied the magic creature.
Prison’s duplication bug is quite rare, but some players have found him during their journeys in East.


The error does not change the gameplay at all, a reboot of Genshin Impact is usually enough to get everything back to normal.

Dream or nightmare?

Overall, fans can face this bug as a nightmare or a blessing, depending on its tolerance meter compared to Prison, as community opinions are very divided into it.

Some think the character is very talking and this makes her annoying, awakening even a desire to throw her in the lake again.
While others think she is very cute and essential for the traveler’s adventures.
One point in common that many finds is that it can be a key figure in the game and hides many secrets.
Theories and more theories involve the magical creature, but we are still far from discovering essential information from the floating guide.

Who is Prison?

For beginners who are not yet familiar with Prison, she is the traveler’s escort on her adventures, as a guide through the East world.
The two met when the traveler fished her in a lake and eventually saved her from drowned, since then she never separated and walked together all the regions.
The magic creature is very scattered and chatty, it makes it even very honest, even beyond the point sometimes.
She is well known in both and outside the Genshin Impact community, as it is the game’s mascot and her face represents the game in several media.

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