How to get an ones hidden achievement on the Genshin impact

One Step Too Far is the achievement of Genshin Impact Hidden Wonders of the World, which can be obtained by missing in the race against Hilly. You can get it only during a daily commission to a pile called run, Hilly, Run! Where should you compete with a child named Hilly in the village of ARU.

how to miss the race against Hilly in Genshin Impact

Before you start, make sure that you have unlocked the commissions to the stream and desert to the pile. There is no way to guarantee when you get the required commission, as this is quite by chance, but you can increase your chances by setting the location of the commission on the pill in the directory of the adventurer.

As soon as you receive a commission called Run, Hilly, Run!, Talk with eBay in the village of ARU to start racing competition. This is a short match in which you and Hilly will rush to the luminous point depicted above. You should not win the race to get the achievement of One Step Too Far Hidden. The easiest way to lose is not to move at all until Hilly gets to the finish line.


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