Genshin Impact: The character forgotten by Hoyover who finally returns with 3.4

Genshin Impact players are subject to Converse’s wishes when it comes to receiving characters. It is the developers who have the last word when configuring the banners and this situation has given rise to many complaints by the community. There are four or five-star heroes that have been forgotten for months before being available again and, although from version 3.0 there are more reruns than ever; The situation has not just solved. If not, ask the fans of HU Tao that wearing more updates waiting for their return, although they will no longer need much patience.


HU Tao returns to Genshin Impact!

Although there has been no official confirmation, the leaks have ratified the return of HU Tao in update 3.4 that will be launched in the middle of next January. The Pro lancer will finally return to the RPG of Converse. It is not a minor detail, and less if we take into account that beyond its rarity it is one of the most powerful characters of the Tier List. Its skills set is incredible, offering a combat performance with several vaporized equipment that almost no other unit is capable of matching.

If we take the return of HU Tao, which until now was little more than a rumor, it is because absolutely all filters point in the same direction. Especially reliable is the Saveyourprimos account. The objective of this account, whose name translated into Spanish would be something like savroratusprotogema is to offer us the most reliable information about the future of the game so that we can manage our expense. Normally the information is successful and very useful for all Genshin Impact players.

In addition to the return of HU Tao, Genshin Impact’s update 3.4 should also include the arrival of Antietam and Maya, ignoring that two reruns will complete the update. In this sense, yes, there is a warning: whoever is waiting for the landing of Ayala, Shepherd, Xiao or Elan should have their quiet proteges for some more versions, because they are the next ones that are falling.

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