Genshin Impact reveals trailer for The Sacred Call of the Seven, New Game mode


Genshin Impact revealed the official trailer of the new collectible card play mode, which will join the Hoovers RPG in update 3.3. The sacred call of the seven will make players put the combat system based on elemental reactions and strategies into action. There is little left to reach the end, the new version of the game will be available on December 7.

Some letters have previously been released by Gen shin’s official social networks, the trailer also revealed some elements that can be found in the deck. See below:

Rumors of the arrival of TCG mode have occurred since early September, when Batch, known for providing exclusive information revealed that the Chinese developer intended to develop the project within the game. However, confirmation only came in the special program of version 3.1 on September 16, when the company revealed some details about the game.

The game system is based on strategies, combining custom cards with your goals. Players and NPCs will be able to duel with their card collections, the winner will be decided with the defeat of all the opponent’s letters using normal attack, elemental and supreme ability of their own character letters. Rumors pointed to the existence of 220 cards in the deck, with several known characters and NPCs. The user needs to remember to use the right strategies to exchange letters and trigger elemental reactions to approach victory.

The information leaked by Batch also showed what the general rules of mode should be. Check out:

  • At the beginning of the game, each player buys five cards. Each player can make a card selection, so choose a character from his hand, which will be his active character.
  • With each round, each player rotates eight elementary data. The players play the round simultaneously and then buy two cards.
  • There will be a classification system, ranging from beginner to legend.
  • There will be challenges and gold letters.

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