World Cup 2022 Diallo injured

Africa champ Senegal needed to deal with the failure of superstar Radio Mane before the tournament start, and after the opening video game against the Netherlands, the West Africans now have to grumble about two other hurt regulars. With worries, you may likewise have actually taken a look at About Dial lo at RB Leipzig, the left-back sat on the floor after a little more than an hour and came to the thigh. It rapidly became clear that it would not go on for him, the previous Perfume Ismail Jacobs entered play for Dial lo.

Simply eight minutes later on, nationwide coach Allow Close was forced to alter once again, this time Chekhov Route needed to be hurt. The skilled midfielder of Premier League club Nottingham Forest went to the ground after a jump with a face-frowned face. After a brief break of treatment, the 32-year-old might not leave the field on his own and had to be brought by the square.

Close: I enjoy how my gamers performed

Even if precise diagnoses are not yet known, the expected absence of Dial lo and Route impacts Senegal. Senegal continued to play not impressed against the Local, but went off the pitch as a loser due to two late goals.


The battle with host Qatar is now on Friday (2 p.m.). If Senegal desires to keep the chance of the round of 16, a necessary success.

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