SV Heimstetten Schmitt wishes for Strieders return

The Hamster did not win any game in the distance. The SVH could not win the last five games, even last Saturday the 0: 3 in Aschaffenburg also remained without a win in the eleventh away.


The 37-year-old coach, sobered, summed up that the peacekeepers only prowled on our errors which we do it by losing the ball in the forward motion and thereby gathering 0: 1. The reality also includes the fact that the reality of being deep in the transfer battle in Heimstetten is more the guideline than an exception. That is why those accountable are now experiencing this precarious scenario regularly.

Schmitt, in office since 2017, has not been readily available. This also consists of ex-professional Rico Strainer. What he doesn’t say: SV Heimstetten is not best at all.

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