[Overwatch League PO] New Champion Birth! Dallas won the championship after defeating the famous shock

The new Grand Final winner of the Overwatch League was born. It is Dallas Fuel, who has won the first Grand Finals.

On the 5th, the Overwatch League Season 5 Grand Finals were held at the Anna Time Convention Center in California. Dallas won the last grand final match between Dallas Fuel and San Francisco Shock. Dallas won the full set against the winning team, the winner of the Grand Finals. They prevented the shock of the shock three times and achieved their first win. The economy overturned the evaluation of every set, and the result was in the feedback. At the last minute, Dallas, who survived edison, was able to win. The Grand Final MVP was occupied by the tanker ‘Fearless’ Lee Eliseo.

First, San Francisco Shock won in the losers final match against the second Grand Final runner. In the season, the MVP selected ‘Prop’ led the team’s victory by making a kill every time it was important.

Shock and Dallas’ Grand Finals continued. The first set was first by Dallas. From the first round, every time the war broke out, he killed 100: 0. I used a wide shock map to chase a round right away, but it was not enough. One beat fast Dallas speeded up the shock. As Winston of the tanker Mikey quickly melted in a row, Dallas led the game.

Shock did not collapse easily. Dallas seemed to have won the victory with the firepower of Edison in the airborne. Even in the attack situation where the cargo reached the front of the arrival point, he had more ultimate than the shock. The shock of the crisis threw an adventure. ‘Maiki-Propper’ ran together to create an unexpected kilo variable. Dallas, who was embarrassed, spent the ultimate and handed over the turn to the shock and missed the win.

The three sets fiercely played the flower confrontation of the death of both team ripper. Dallas added a defense that didn’t give three points by adding the flowers of death to the sound barrier. At the time of Dallas’s defense, the striker also cast a flower of death, but he won the sparkle. In the attack, the striker ripper showed strength. All the ‘Proper’ led the team to win, with 18 kills. On the contrary, Dallas continued to lose power as Sparkle’s ripper was concentrated.

Dallas caught up in four sets. The (ripper) of ‘Sparkle’, which had been focused on the previous set, played stably and scored clearly when the shock made a mistake. At the end, the shock was first killed in the situation where the shock was holding four ultimate. But Dallas rather chose to fight. Winston of Mikey, who had killed late, joined, but it is already the same. Dallas was able to score a set score 2: 2 with the opponent’s core ultimate.

Like the first set, the five-set battle was also exchanged. Dallas preoccupied in a narrow map, and the shock counterattacked on a large map. In the third round, ‘proper’ broke the balance. Even though the allies were cut off first, they survived to the end and led the shock of the shock.


Dallas won an overwhelming victory in the six-set battlefield, which is considered disadvantageous. From the first defense, he did not give a gap with a solid defense almost close to the barrier. There was even a neat attack as Edison of Edison began to survive.

Edison’s momentum continued to the last seven sets. The headshot came out without a break, leading the team to the championship. On the contrary, there was no activity of ‘proper’ who played in the previous set. The striker tried to prevent Dallas’s win, but it was not enough. In the situation of Lee Group, Dallas Fuel was able to win dramatically, breaking the violet, which is a symbol of shock.

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Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment
Photo: Joe Brady

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