Henry Cavill about his new luminous superman: I pire to the public feeling that it can fly

One of the news of the year in Superheroes cinema h been the recent return of Henry Cavill Superman through the scene Black Adam , an open secret that h meant The return of the most famous character of DC Comics to the cinema and one of the pillars of the new stage of the DCU with James Gun in front. Now, Cavils himself h offered a new interview in which he affirms that his goal is to address his character from a more clsic point of view, showing his luminous version , piring to the public feeling that he can fly When leaving the cinema.

The luminous superman of Henry Cavill

While Recently Henry Cavill already demonstrated his enthusim for his return Superman after his first words, now the actor wanted to deepen what he expects from his new stage like Kale, his personal bond with the character and his intention to leave behind its darkest face of previous films to address the luminous version of the character of DC Comics.

I have a very close connection with the character. And there is something extraordinarily special about him, about his ability to give and love . I do not mean in the romantic sense, but for their love for the earth and for the people who live in it and to make people feel powerful , make them feel superman, says the actor.

On the other hand, Cavils intends to return with the most idyllic superman Warner. But the most important thing, to what I pire, is for the public to leave the cinema and feels that it can fly , that he feels that he can protect and wants to serve others . That would be my goal, concludes Cavils.

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