Genshin Impact: Walker and Faruzan have leaked gameplays; See the skills and other details

Gen shin Community Week IMPACT follows busy, with the announcement of wanderer and Tarzan for the version 3.3 . As usual the duo game plays were leaked and valuable details for players who expect to shoot the banners. The new characters should be part of the game from the next update, scheduled for December 7th.

Walker has been long awaited by fans since she came up in the story of trauma as scaramouche , one of the messengers Fate. After much waiting, the villain comes visually reformulated and in skills as one of the new playable ones. Tarzan also joins the game’s An emos team, but little is known about the character’s trajectory, as it had never been presented in the history of Genshin Impact.

Although Patch 3.2 has made its debut recently, players are already looking forward to the next update. While the pair is not yet playable, see details about their skills.

Walker, the eternal walker

Elemental skill: Plum Illustrated: Cacao Gracious

Inflict damage animus against the nearby enemies and jumps into the air, entering the state ‘wind posture’. Wind posture increases damage to normal attacks and loaded attacks. In this state, loaded attacks no longer consume stamina and the wanderer is continually suspended in the air. During this period, the walking movements have the following characteristics:

  • While floating, it will continually consume ’empty power’;
  • When running, you will consume empty power to run in the air; Keeping pressed will continually consume empty power
  • By jumping, you will consume empty power to increase your altitude; Keeping pressed will continually consume empty power

Empty power: 100 points

Supreme: Kroger: Five Acts

Create vacuums to crush your enemies and worries, inflicting damage I ane in the area several times. If it is launched during the ‘wind posture’ state of elemental skill, it will end this state.

Tarzan, the enigmatic driver

Elemental skill: Kingdom of the Wind of Nasamjnin

Tarzan implements a polyhedron that causes mild damage to nearby opponents. The amount of refill time is reduced by 60%.

Supreme: The Secret Paths of the Wind

Implement a stunning polyhedron that causes mild damage in area and releases a whirlwind pulse. He will move continuously along a triangular path. As soon as it reaches every corner of this triangular path, it will release one more pulse.

Other update leaks 3.3

New mode

Earlier this week, Genshin Impact had already revealed some details about the sacred seven call, with the revelation of some letters that will integrate the mode. To kill fans’ curiosity, information has been leaked and find that so far the developed content has 211 cards, including monster customizations, NPCs, local and playable.


Other news

  • Walker and Tarzan
  • Mode called the Sacred of the seven
  • 2 new artifacts sets
  • Kits Kimodameshi (main event with Into; Reward: New Sword 4 ★)
  • Return of events Wind trace & Misty Dungeon
  • Balloon collection challenge event in the world

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