Iem Major: Furia hits OG turning and is a victory for Legends Stage

Curia is a victory for the Legends Stage of IEM Major Rio (check out the full guide of the championship), the first CS: GO of history held in azil. On Tuesday, Art team, Esperanto, Yuri, Drop and Safe saved three match points and won the 19-16 OG from Europe in the extension of the Overpass map.

With the result, the panthers now add up to 2 wins and 1 loss in the Major of Rio so far. In the current scenario, the curia will have two chances to win a better series of three (MD3) and advance to the major key of the major, which will have 16 teams, 8 of which have already qualified via Mrs: doing CLAN, NAVY, Ninjas In Pajamas, ONCE, Sprout, Heroic, Team Spirit and Team Liquid.



  • Art
  • Esperanto
  • Yuri
  • Drop
  • Atari (Technician)


  • Flame
  • Next
  • Neo frag
  • Flu
  • Register
  • Reggae (Technician)

The game

The fury started playing on the TR side of Overpass and had a great start, opening 4-1 in the first 5 rounds. Following the match, OG balanced the match and sought the turn to 8 to 7. The European team took control of the game after 9 to 9 and even opened 15 to 12, winning three match points.


Even against the wall, the curia recovered in the match, fitting three good rounds in the CT side, saved the three match points and forced the extension. In Overtime, the panthers took control of the game and sacrament the victory in 19 to 16.

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