Bayonettas voice actress gives a donation sites list

A couple of weeks ago some controversy was announced with Bayonet ta 3, especially with Helena Taylor , voice actress who played the witch of Umbra in the first two games and also in Super Smash Bros. And now, with its follow-up to boycott the game, it has given a list of associations to donate instead of spending on the Switch ** video game.

While there is not much problem with this, there is a certain recommended branch that could generate a certain degree of controversy, especially in the female gender, since one of the companies in the list is an anti-abortions clinic. This is named after Kentucky Group , and promotes that female people decide not to do this biological expulsion.

Bayonet ta’s former actress, Helena Taylor, who asked fans to boycott Bayonet ta 3 in a video that was later demonstrated that she was misleading, published a list of charities to which she would like fans to make donations. The list includes a Kentucky group that executes advertising fences against abortion.

It is worth mentioning that the actress apparently in her testimony against Bayonet ta 3 and her work team lied a little, since she mentioned that the whole video game was going to be paid for about $4,000 USD. Thus, everything was denied with a document stipulating that this money was going to be per session, having 5 in total and a possible number of USD $15,000 for the entire title.

Remember that Bayonet ta 3 is already on sale.

Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: With all the advertising that the actress to the game will achieve totally the opposite, that this becomes one of the greatest successes of the consoles. Personally, I’m already waiting for my copy to come by parcel.

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