Who is Wullf Yularen in Andor? Galaxies War explained

Many military and bureaucrats who worked for the Republic went without problems working for the empire, and Well Learn is an excellent example. He worked closely with Anakin Skywalker during the clone wars as Fleet Admiral, then joined the Imperial Security Office (ISB). Here is everything you need to know about Who is Well Learn in Star Wars Ardor .

Who is the Learn Agent of the ISB at Star Wars Andorra?

Colonel Learn (his Admiral’s range is a writer’s mistake) appears in numerous Star Wars projects, such as Clone Wars, Rebels, New Hope and now Ardor, and is someone who has gained respect for the great Admiral Thrown and even of Darth Vader himself. He is a true believer in the Empire and, as the ISB agent, collects information on alleged pirate and rebel activities; In addition, Learn believes in severe punishment for anyone who challenges the empire, as evidenced by the brief appearance of him in Ardor.

In an ISB meeting in the new episode of Ardor, he announces some changes in imperial policy that allow agents to be much freedom to spy on imperial citizens. There is also an elevation of all criminal acts at least one class one crime, which means that the Empire will enclose more people and extend the sentences of some inmates. Learn will serve the empire through Ardor’s events and beyond.

That is all we have in Who is Well Learn in Ardor . Check out some of our other Ardor contents, such as the death of Clem Ardor, Ardor’s effect on Star Wars stories and pepper trees.

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