Report: Man of Steel 2 would already be in development

Without counting the new scenes of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, five years have passed since Henry Cavil wore Superman’s suit. Although many already killed this character in the DCE, the constant insistence of Dwayne Johnson to see Black Adam and the man of steel fight, it seems that they have finally given results, since a sequel to man of Steel already would be in development.

Considering Walter Ramada’s next exit by Warner Bros., The Hollywood Reporter shared a report on the current state of DCE. Here it was revealed that company executives are already working on _man of steel 2, and are currently looking for a writer for the script, with Christopher Macquarie, responsible for Mission: impossible, as one of the main candidates

Although at the moment there is no confirmation of Warner Bros., this sounds like a quite probable idea. Not only is the rumor to see Cavil as Superman in a cameo for Black Adam, but Johnson also wants to see a movie where these two characters face to face. So we would not only see the British actor in this role once again, until three.

We only have to expect to see what will happen in this case. In related issues, you can learn more about Superman’s possible return here. Similarly, Superman exists in the world of the Batman?

Editor note :

Without Zack Snyder in charge, this is the possibility of watching a movie that is worthy of the Superman character. Henry Cavill is a great actor for this role. We only have to wait and see if we see something dark DCE style, or if writers offer us something that is faithful to the character.

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