International presses for the balloon dOr: France rolls out the red carpet to its antihero

For the very first time in his career, Karim Benzema won the balloon d’Or. The Frenchman dominated before Radio Mane from FC Bayern and Kevin de Bruyne from Manchester City. The global presses for the honor:


Le Figaro: An unique location in the prestigious five-club club. Easy, however, for a very long time in the color the brand-new balloon d’Or winner has actually been waiting for his time.

Sun: There were Benzema’s brave acts in the Champions Organization, that made him a clear fave for the balloon d’Or.

Daily Mail: deserved award for Karim Benzema after a dazzling season.


Daily Star: King Karim. The victory for Benzema is not surprising.

L’equip: Benzema gold tradition.

Le Parisian: Benzema is the undisputed best player on the planet in 2022.

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Black: Benzema had to wait a long period of time for the honor. In spite of some unbelievable efficiencies, he flew under the radar for a long period of time. Currently, the well-deserved crowning glory adheres to.


: It wasn’t the round evening that Real Madrid had expected. The honor of the finest team worldwide hosted likely to Manchester City. The royal ones had to be satisfied with 2nd area behind Liverpool.

Gazette Hello : France rolls out the red carpet to his antihero.

March: Benzema is immortal. At an age at which many pick to resign, the French footballer has actually become the ideal player on the planet. In comparison to in 2015, no one questions the selection.


Munro Deporting: Even the most team-related footballer was identified as the very best person, an icon of a team.


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Photo: Karim Benzema (34) couldn’t obtain by. Bavaria star Radio Mane (30/2nd place) and his precursor Robert Lewandowski (34/rank 4) had to be the real captain at the Ballon d’Or election in Paris narrowly let the lead.

For the very first time in his profession, Karim Benzema won the balloon d’Or. March: Benzema is immortal. : It wasn’t the round night that Genuine Madrid had actually anticipated. Black: Benzema had to wait a lengthy time for the award. Kicker: Age does not shield against efficiency.

NTV: With Real Madrid, Karim Benzema wins the Champions League, the top marker of one of the most crucial European club competitors, likewise in the Spanish organization, the French demonstrator dominates. There is as a result no chance around him in the political election to the Ballon d’Or.


Twist: Age does not shield against efficiency. Bring Haaland, who shoots all the most effective brands in England’s title prospect Manchester City, was only tenth in Ballooned’Or ranking. If Christopher Skunk remains to be so strong The period plays, he won’t be entirely without points in the coming year. And Gave is likely to wind up in no ranking before Jude Bellingham or Jamal Musial.

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