The official launch of the Korean Game Policy Society… K proposals to help K -game

[ Moon Byung-soo] The Korean Game Policy Association held a regular general meeting in 2022 and officially launched. Professor Lee Jae-won, a professor of literature and creation at Songs University, who served as chairman of the Game Water Management Committee, served as the first chairman of the Society.

The Korean Game Policy Society, which held a regular general meeting in 2022 at Songs University Computer Hall on the 14th, repeated its commitment to policy, academic research, and the National Assembly policy proposal. In the future, the Korean Game Policy Association plans to promote policy proposals to discover the economic, cultural, technical, artistic, sports and future-oriented values of the game.

Lee Jae-won, chairman of the academic society, said, The game world is coming, but there is a chaos in all parts of advanced technology and convergence. Even though it is necessary to open the path of the solved cultural industry, it is being trapped in the maze. I pinched the current situation that was caught in the current game industry law, including games.

It is time to think about how to solve everything by publicizing everything, and when we show a base to think about the solution between the industry, the government, and the user group, he said.

Lee Seung-hoon, senior vice chairman of the Korean Game Policy Society (Professor of Game Contents, An yang University), said, We will make it a place to communicate important issues of the Korean game industry with the settlement of regular forums and achieve visible achievements such as the National Assembly’s policy suggestion. We will hold a debate in the middle to meet the business goal.


The Korean Game Policy Society will hold a seminar in collaboration with the Korea Creative Content Agency and the Game Water Management Committee in BEX CO, Susan on November 18, when the G-Star 2022 will be held. Through discussions on the society, the company plans to embody the topics such as BM development that reflects intellectual property (IP) and global trends.

Meanwhile, industry-university figures participated in the members of the Korea Game Policy Association. There are 24 advisors and advisory committee members and 47 Steering Committees. Advisor to the Society, Kim Jingle, Director of Daemon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency, former Director of Korea Content Promotion Agency, former Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Yew Jin-ryong, Chairman of Choir Kyushu, Forest Culture Foundation (Canada) Professor Hyung Byung-soo, a professor at the university, participated in the university professor. Special advisors were named Ha Tae-hyun of the power of the people, Lee Pantheon, and Do Jonathan of the Democratic Party.

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