Pearl Abyss Black Desert 2022 Fall Season Starts

-rapid growth when creating ‘season characters’

-Tuvalu Accessories dong (V) Increased by the Increase in Living Experience Acquisition

** -Ex extension, etc.

Pearl Abyss starts ‘2022 Fall Season’ today (12th).

Users who have created the ‘Autumn Season’ season character can grow rapidly. In fall, it has increased the amount of living experience than the existing season server. Except for trade, you can get an additional 30%of experience acquisitions, and increased the amount of basic collections such as logs, wild grasses, and meat when gathering.

In autumn, we added the ‘Tears of Tears’, a new alchemy, as well as ‘Boiling Wave Black Stone’, which can be confirmed to be confirmed to (V) stage.

In order to commemorate the start of fall, we will hold a 24-hour hot time event until December 7. Users can receive 300% of combat experience and 50% of their technical experience. Depending on the achievement level of the season, various rewards will be paid, including ‘Dong (V) Tuvalu Earrings’, gold bars, and ‘(event) reinforcement support box’.

3-1 PVP Content ‘Solar’s Window’ Season 1 ended with rewards such as ‘Sun’s Knight Costume Box’ and ‘The Knight of the Sun’ according to the ranking. The title paid can be used until the next regular season ‘Knight of the Sun’ was born.

After the ‘Handel Banquet’, the hot time, the treasure hunting ground expansion, and the Handel Fountain buff event extended the week until October 19. Item War will be paid for Mani’s unstable fuel through this event. You can move the item to the class you want in preparation for the balance patch and the future skills.

For more information on the Black Desert Update and Events, visit the Black Desert Official website .

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