What does MIT mean on the scoreboard in Overwatch 2

Players in Overwatch 2 can view the statistics of matches of both teams at any time of battle. There is one statistics, abbreviated Massachusetts Technological Institute and players still do not understand what this actually means. If you are embarrassed by this new MIT statistics on the scoreboard in Overwatch 2, let us explain to us what it means.

What is mit in overwatch 2

During the match in Overwatch 2, a window appears with a score by pressing the TAB. This window displays the statistics of both commands. There are abbreviations, for example:

e * for exceptions
a for shifts
D for deaths
hour * for healing
DMG * for damaged

But there is another statistical measure displayed in the window, and this is MIT. . In fact, this means reducing damage.

According to the game itself, the Massachusetts Technological Institute is new statistics, which includes the previous blocked damage, but also monitors the damage prevented by such effects as NATO acceleration of Ana or the strengthening of Boris. .

Thus, blocked or prevented damage is counted in MIT. Heroes, such as Reinhardt, usually have the highest MIT points because of their higher protective qualities.

Heroes-tanks are mainly concentrated on protection, but you can also combine MIT with other heroes.

Thus, MIT is considered mainly a measure of how much ultimatical power of enemies you spent. If you protect your teammate, your MIT indicator will increase.

However, MIT is not limited only to tanks. Any hero who can block damage, becoming invulnerable, like Moira using his FADE, or Kirk, throwing his Protection Isuzu can increase the MIT counter in OW2.

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