[Review] What is the Steel Series Arctis Nova 3 that the earphone original tool written?

Dawn time with a peak concentration. I’ll put the tier even if I spend tonight, he said. I’m not running. The frustration of the subsequent defeat was lightly ignored by the team member’s ‘steam’ request over the voice, and the game end button was pressed early. After three years of Seodang-gae, he will be able to see Punggol.

Although he is proud of his 29-year-old Fossil life, he has more runs (deaths) than toxic scores (kills) recently. It is also once or twice that you win the game by the team and win the game. Only Nice, which encouraged team members throughout the game, shouted. The status of the striker who rushes to the enemy camp and stirs it is all over and feel like a cheering director.

First, let’s break down the three excuses that have been attached to your mouth like a habit, ‘Shoot’, ‘Where are you?’ In the end, it’s a problem that can lead to skills, but if you rationalize, let’s blame the mouse (shot), headset (where are you?), And the keyboard (avoid). For gamers, it is easy to rationalize if you think that the game skills are the same as the nuclear weapon launch button, and that it is a struggle to keep the last remaining pride of skill. In particular, the reporter is using the earphones of 10,000 won as an acoustic device, so he has a sense of hope of improving the problem and at the same time.

In fact, the reporter has an earphone and a good headset, but the headset is old, so the leather part of the ear pads has been hesitated. Do you like earphone quality? What would you like for the 10,000 won product?

I have been writing for a long time, but fortunately, there is no disconnection. However, the 3D sound part is vulnerable, which direction, how many enemies come from? How much is the distance? The same detailed information is lacking. It is also available with a Y-jack enabled. There is no white noise or microphone Nolan function that can hear the sound of ‘chivy’. ~~ Now it was a lump of civilians.

While looking at the new headset, the steel series Arctic Nova 3 . This is an opportunity. I’m curious, so let’s try it out quickly.

The best to wear, the steel series Arctic Nova 3

** Steel Series Arctic Nova 3

** Wired method: Wired

** Unit size and impedance: 40 mm neodymium driver / 36 ohm

Frequency reaction: 20-22,000 Hz

Mike frequency reaction: 100-10,000 Hz

microphone pattern: Two-way noise-canceling microphone

Mike Type: Clear cast 2nd generation

On-Ear Controller: Volume Dial, Microphone Mute, RGB ON/OFF

Negative pressure level: 93dbspl/MW at 1kHz

weight: 253g

It’s okay if it’s not high-end, steel series Arctic Nova 3

The fit was a history. The weight didn’t feel so heavy that it was comfortable to use for a long time. It is not up to 100g of ultra-light weight, but it belongs to a light axis at 253g. You don’t have to lower your performance by reducing your weight while removing the old features or parts.

The head frame looks simple, but the material itself is not a general plastic, but very flexible. There was no deformation at all, and there was no sound of durability issues. In addition, the headband located inside the frame was less inconvenient by adjusting the headset tension and fixing the head.

RGB LEDs, which shine outside the ear cups, are also one of the advantages. In particular, the Steel Series Arcs is Nova 3 is the only Arctic Nova series that is equipped with prism sink RGB LED functions in the ear cups. The LED function can be changed through GG, the official software of the steel series.

It is also commendable to hire USB-C. USB-C to C / C to A extension cable / C to 3.5 mm cable has been enclosed to expand its options, and it is free to compatible with various devices such as PCs, Nintendo, Mac, smartphone, and Xbox.

I used earphones for a long time and felt the performance. The Nova Acoustic System applied to the product has experienced a higher bass boost effect than the treble. The Steel Series Arctic Nova 3 is the second lineup of the Arctic Nova series (1, 3, 7, and Pro), but it is evaluated that there is no shortage compared to the high-end.

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