The festival of the game fighting game Steam Bash Festival is being held! The title of the protagonist is full of the leading battle

VALVE has launched the Steam Bash Festival (Steam Bash) that has been announced for a long time, and has also released a video that explains the outline.

This event features a game in which a battle with melee weapons is the leading role, including hack and slash and flashy action. It is an opportunity to touch many of the applicable works, such as providing discounts for distributed works and distribution of trial versions of the works scheduled to appear soon.

In configuring a trivial ambiguous genre category of a game where the battle with melee weapons is the leading role, the announcement page has revealed that it has been rubbed inside the company. As a result, detailed explanations about the outline, definition, characteristics, etc. are given.

Overview of Bash Festival
The Bash Festival includes any game featuring the combat, especially with melee weapons (swords, blades, etc.). There is no need to be limited to such weapons, and games that use other combat format (like shooting) in the side of the game are often seen.

Based on the above definition, the following games are included in the Bash Festival:
Hack and slash
Flashy action
Character action game

Features often found in Bash Festival participating games:
RPG element
Third Person Game Play
High pace battle
Tracking battle combo or visual expression of damage
Score / ranking system
Character action set / Customize weapons

The STEAM Bash Festival, a festival of a close combat game fighting against Bashibashi, is being held until 10:00 am on September 26, local time. In addition, we are looking for opinions when there is an objection to the definition of bash, and it will be useful for selecting genres in future events.

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