SEOANE wobbles – Andrich: Scenario extremely harmful

On the other hand, what And rich might say exactly was just how seriously he categorizes the present table situation with just 5 points after 7 video games. The 27-year-old rates this as brutally harmful and alerted everyone in Leverkusen: Every person needs to know what is going on, as well as everyone has to be clear that we need to score. Nothing else counts.

Everyone needs to recognize what is taking place, and also everyone needs to be clear that we have to score. Nothing else counts.

Robert And rich

Bayer has to approve the bitter reality. And also this is presently simply a relegation battle as opposed to assault on the top positions. And rich indirectly called out with his assessment: I assume we currently have entirely various problems than handling the areas that we envision. That is why we need to begin scoring. In the most effective situation, we want to get started in Munich.

It was a particular perplexity that from Robert And rich Slang’s words. We can not manage to play the lead with time. This is likewise component of finding out to handle a circumstance as it is. As a group, we additionally see: Today it doesn’t run forward, then have to We additionally obtain the video game unclean, the six evaluated after the 1-1 against Bremen to include: I can not say exactly why.

of the excellent efficiency versus Atlético complies with the setback

Due to the fact that the truth of the eventually fair 1: 1 distinction versus the promoted from Bremen was likewise that Welder did not need to provide a great performance. After the great look against Atlético, the efficiency on Saturday was a renewed setback for the manufacturing facility club.

The negative dot output naturally also forces the one in charges to wonder about the setting of the fitness instructor. Primarily, Bayer wants to advance his task with Gerardo Sloane in the lengthy term of presenting Bayer to the nationwide top. Yet the essential sporting situation, the existing trend, always brand-new and old issues in addition to perhaps even a lot of adjustment as in the ten position oppose the Swiss, whose action versus Welder, to be deeper after the lead and also to play on counterattack.

Sunday: The one in charges assessed and satisfied


Sloane, whose relationship with his professionals is still considered to be completely intact, totters. Yet the accountable individuals supposedly do not see that in Bayer and likewise really appropriate for the club and also truly tangible alternatives on the mentoring market, which at the very least with a high possibility assure a clear renovation in this setting.

On Sunday early morning in charges, that had kept silent after the video game, examined the scenario and also satisfied. It was except absolutely nothing that Taking care of Supervisor Simon Roles added his dedication to Sloane last week: In this phase you need good outcomes. 2 attracts the organization versus Bertha BSC and also Welder, both groups who need to be appointed to the lower third of the table are not stood for.

tendency per Sloane

The tendency must go to the reality that Bayer proceeds with Sloane. One thing is clear: Leverkusen’s fitness instructor must lead the Champions League individual back to his old strengths.

On the various other hand, what And rich could claim exactly was just how seriously he categorizes the present table scenario with only 5 points after seven games. The poor dot result naturally likewise forces the managers to doubt the position of the fitness instructor. The important showing off circumstance, the present trend, always brand-new and old problems as well as maybe even as well lots of modification as in the ten placement talk versus the Swiss, whose procedure against Welder, to be deeper after the lead and to play on counterattack.

This is likewise part of learning to take on a situation as it is. As a group, we additionally discover: Today it does not run onward, then after that have to We likewise obtain the video game filthy, the 6 analyzed after the 1-1 versus Bremen to add: I can not claim exactly why.

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