Is it worth buying Blessing of the Welkin Moon in Genshin Impact?

Although this is a free game, Genshin Impact offers some microtransactions that give the player useful awards. One of these items is Blessing of the Welkin Moon, which gives the player 90 Prisoners every day for 30 days, as well as 300 genesis crystals in advance. This item helps players more often to receive characters and makes the grinding process less tiring. Here is our opinion about whether it is worth buying the blessing of the Welkin Moon in Genshin Impact.

is it worth buying welkin moon in Genshin Impact?

What gives you Welkin Moon?

When buying welkin moon, you get 300 crystals of being as well as 90 Prime . Over the next 29 days, you can collect 90 Prior at the entrance to the system. If you miss the day, the lost labels will not be returned. 300 crystals of being can either be converted into 300 flaps, or use for buying a set in a gift store. Welkin Moon can be bought several times , increasing the duration and awarding 300 more genesis crystals with each purchase. However, Welkin Moon can only be extended if the duration is 180 days or less.

is it worth buying welkin moon?

Ultimately, the blessing of the Moon Welkin should buy if you plan to constantly play Genshin Impact. If you enter the system only about ten days a month, Welkin Moon may be the wrong choice. Even if there is no desired character on the current banner, Welkin Moon is a great way to accumulate furriers to future banners. If you only enter the system and perform your daily commission, you can accumulate 150 Prisoners per day, which is almost one desire. Within 30 days, this amount is really increasing.

If you do not often play Genshin Impact, but still want to get Prisoners, try to complete any available events. Each event gives players from 240 to 420 Prisoners, and this is not even counting other events that can occur simultaneously. Test runs are also a quick and free way to earn 20–40 prisoners. Whether you are an exclusively free player or spend hundreds on each banner, there are always more ways to earn Prisoners.

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